mr freeze gotham fox wb 'Gotham' EP Danny Cannon says Mr. Freeze is coming, but should he?

Perhaps Ben McKenzie can see the future. The “Gotham” star told Zap2it at San Diego Comic-Con that he wanted to see Mr. Freeze appear on the show, and it seems like that may just happen.
The news comes from Digital Spy, who spoke to executive producer Danny Cannon at Comic-Con. “My first conversation with [showrunner] Bruno Heller about the villains in this show is always that they need to be very credible and relatable and the science behind them needs to be real,” he says. “So I had a couple of stories that I’d held onto — real, true stories — and one of them just related to Mr Freeze. I know a real way to create an origin story.”
“Gotham’s” official Twitter account echoed that statement, adding, “You will see Mr. Freeze on the streets of #gotham. And when you do, we urge you to cross to the other side.”
While Mr. Freeze is a major villain in the “Batman” universe, is it wise to introduce him into this world? After all, FOX is shooting for realism with the series and Freeze is anything but.

He starts off simply enough; an expert in cryogenics looking to save his terminally ill wife. Then you get to the part where he’s blue and has a freeze ray. He just freezes anyone and everyone who gets in his way, which is a bit less than realistic.
All of that was before Arnold Schwarzenegger got a hold of him. Mr. Freeze was always one of the sillier villains in Batman’s rogue’s gallery, but once “Batman and Robin” happened, it was game over.

Between the terrible neon armor and a collection of ridiculous ice puns, the character was dead in the very cold water. Perhaps it’s best to just leave him there?

Some might make the same argument for Poison Ivy, who was featured in the exact same movie. Her character is far more believable, though: She’s an eco-terrorist who uses toxins and pheromones to control the minds of her victims. Beginning with her as a child, as they are in “Gotham,” allows that character the opportunity to grow into the brilliant mind she fans know she becomes.
In the end, it might be best to just leave Mr. Freeze in the ice box. The last thing “Gotham” needs to sell it as a TV series new viewers should watch is a crazy person with a strange costume and an ice gun running around. Of course, chances are Freeze will appear on the show at some point anyway. Hopefully Cannon’s idea is a really good one that can make the character at least a bit more respected than he currently is in pop culture.
In the meantime, get your Freeze fix below. It’s really the only video of him you’ll ever need.
“Gotham” premieres Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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