donal logue gotham sons of anarchy 'Gotham' eying 'Sons of Anarchy's' Donal Logue for James Gordon? [UPDATED]

Has FOX found the man they want to play Detective James Gordon on “Gotham,” their Batman” prequel? According to one report they have.
Latino Review says “Sons of Anarchy” and “Vikings” star Donal Logue has been offered the chance to play the man who will become Commissioner Gordon. Unfortunately for everyone who got excited over that idea, that rumor didn’t last very long.
Logue was quick to deny the report. In a tweet, he writes, “Not true! I wish-would be awesome (but who could top Gary Oldman?) From what I heard, ‘Gotham’ catches Gordon in his late 20’s.” 
Of course, this could also simply be a diversion to throw people off the scent, but that seems unlikely. The more we thought about the idea of Logue in “Gotham,” though, the more we liked it.
While a younger Gordon makes more sense for the expected timeline of the series, it’s hard to deny how great Logue would be as Gotham’s favorite police officer. Logue is an acting force to be reckoned with wherever he shows up. His recent turn on “Sons of Anarchy” as corrupt former U.S. Marshall Lee Toric may not be the prototype for Gordon, but between that and his roles on “Vikings” and “Copper,” it’s clear that Logue has the range to take on Batman’s future ally.
Logue doesn’t even have to play Gordon (who is expected to be younger, like he says), but he would be a great fit for what we’re hearing about “Gotham.” In fact, he might make a good person to play the current commissioner of Gotham City, who could act as a mentor to the young detective.
“Gotham” is currently scheduled for the 2014-2015 TV season.
UPDATE: Latino Review reports that the role Logue was offered was actually that of Detective Harvey Bullock, a mentor to the young James Gordon.
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