gotham fox tv series batman begins 'Gotham' pilot details: Gordon to investigate Batman's parents' murders?

Some details about FOX’s new Batman-less “Gotham” have come to light. A new report claims that the pilot script of the upcoming DC Comics TV series will deal with a young Jim Gordon investigating the Waynes’ double homicide.

Bleeding Cool reports that a source at Warner Bros says “the pilot script for GOTHAM has Detective Jim Gordon trying to solve a very famous double homicide.” The site later confirmed the murders in question are in fact of the Waynes.

FOX ordered “Gotham” straight to series, and from the get-go it was said that Batman won’t be a part of the project. But that doesn’t mean Bruce Wayne won’t be. If Gordon does in fact investigate the Waynes’ murder in the pilot (this reported version of the pilot could be changed, if it is in fact true), there’s a good chance viewers would meet Bruce as a boy in this show.

The one-hour drama is described as “the origin stories of Commissioner James Gordon and the villains that made Gotham famous.” The pilot is being written and produced by “The Mentalist’s” Bruno Heller. What do you think of this direction for the pilot?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz