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Though Batman fans may be excited to see a new interpretation of The Joker at some point on “Gotham,” they’re going to have a while to wait. While executive producer Bruno Heller fully intends to introduce the most iconic of Batman’s foes eventually, there is already a central villain for the first season.
“The first year is very much about the rise of The Penguin and his titanic struggle with Fish Mooney,” Heller tells reports during “Gotham’s” panel at the 2014 summer TV press tour. The fact that he’s associated with Mooney is what’s most interesting, considering she’s not an existing character in the DC Universe. “She’s a new part of the mythology,” Heller adds while not saying how long she’ll actually last in the story.
As for the man portraying The Penguin, Robin Lord Taylor, he admits to being a huge fan of “Batman Returns” as a kid, and Danny DeVito’s portrayal of The Penguin, which was his biggest exposure to the character. “As a kid, I didn’t read many of the comic books,” he says, “but now [I’m] going back and researching Penguin to see what his deal is.”
Even with The Penguin’s rise to prominence being a big point of the first season of “Gotham,” Heller assured plenty of villains will appear on the show. With four of Batman’s rogue’s gallery introduced in the pilot, he says a “slow rollout” will continue as the series moves forward.

“Gotham” premieres Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.
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