upfronts-2014-best-and-worst.jpgThe upfronts are over. The broadcast networks have set their schedules for the 2014-15 season, and 50-some new shows are gearing up to start production.

As usual, though, upfronts week was full of curious scheduling moves, trailers that ranged from amazing to snore-inducing and network executives spinning their performance furiously in an effort to keep the ad dollars flowing. Here are some of the high- and lowlights Zap2it observed this week.

Boldest scheduling move: NBC moving “The Blacklist” to 9 p.m. Thursdays starting in February. (Called it.)

Smartest scheduling move: “The Originals” to Monday nights on The CW. Monday has been a real problem for the network the past couple of years, and “The Originals” drew about double the audience of any CW show that aired on Mondays. If most of that audience moves with the show to the new night, it will be an instant upgrade.

Most unsettling American accent: Karen Gillan in ABC’s “Selfie.” It makes perfect sense for the character she’s playing, but hearing Amy Pond sound American is just hard to process.

Most compelling teaser: A toss-up between NBC’s “Constantine” and FOX’s “Gotham” and “Wayward Pines.” Judge for yourself:

Most compelling teaser you haven’t seen yet: “iZombie.” The CW showed teasers for its midseason shows (this and “The Messengers”) at its upfront but hasn’t released them online yet. Trust us when we say that “iZombie” looks like it could be very, very good.

Most common network buzzword: “Noisy,” as in, “We have a lot of shows this year that are very noisy and will get people’s attention.”

Silliest network buzzword: “Eventize,” used several times by FOX head Kevin Reilly to describe ways to get viewers to watch programming live.

Biggest monopoly: Shonda Rhimes, who executive produces all three hours of ABC’s Thursday night.

Oddest gamble: ABC’s “Galavant.” A half-hour musical comedy set in medieval times? Sure. It will fill in for “Once Upon a Time” in early 2015.

Most misleading title: CBS’ “Scorpion,” which features, as far as we know, zero scary arachnids.

Title most likely to inspire a million puns if it doesn’t last: “Forever,” ABC

Show most likely to launch a million #FEEEEELLLSSS tags on Tumblr: FOX’s teens-in-the-hospital dramedy “Red Band Society.”

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