Aaron Tveit has won himself a lot of fans for his performance in “Les Miserables,” but he is likely to gain even more when the actor’s new series, “Graceland,” airs this summer on USA. For those people who might want to catch a glimpse of Tveit now, he appears throughout a promo released to tease the series.

In “Graceland,” Tveit co-stars with Daniel Sunjata, Vanessa Ferlito, Manny Montana, Brandon Jay McLaren and Serinda Swan as an undercover FBI agent sent to live in a California beach house filled with officers from multiple federal agencies. The house itself is called Graceland, giving the show its title. Working from there, the various agents work to fight crimes including drug trafficking and smuggling.

Mike Warren (Tveit) is the new guy of the bunch and a brand-new agent sent to train under the legendary Special Agent Paul Briggs. His wide-eyed innocence at his first assignment quickly gets replaced by experience, lies and suspicion. After all, everyone around him is lying — but some lies are more dangerous than others.

The promo focuses on footage from the premiere episode of “Graceland,” with bits of later episodes added in. The secrets and lies swirling around Mike Warren and Paul Briggs may just play through the whole season.

Posted by:Laurel Brown