After a twisted season of crime-fighting and occasionally just crime, “Graceland” had its season finale, “Pawn,” on USA.

Jangles was revealed. Paul Briggs faced his fate. Mike ended his investigation. People kissed. Someone died. It was all very dramatic.

While lots and lots happened before “Graceland” Season 1 came to an end, highlights include:

Briggs sticks around

Everyone — literally everyone, including the FBI and all the other agencies — thought Briggs left the country. He didn’t. Instead, Briggs spent the episode running around the area and looking for Jangles. Some other guy who needed a new life took that boat out of town.

Briggs might have been better off if he had left, considering what went down later in the episode.

Paige and Mike kiss!

The off-and-on sexual tension between Mike and Paige reached its high point in the finale — the two kissed! Of course, the kiss was as much about the rough situation they were all in as much as it was about attraction. But we take what we can get.

Graceland’s fate in peril

It was more than personal vendettas and possible criminal activity at stake in finding Paul Briggs. The safe house itself would have to be closed if Briggs disappeared forever. Considering how dysfunctional the whole place was by the finale, that might not have been the worst thing.

Jangles is exactly who you thought Jangles was

Fortunately for Briggs, Jangles had been hanging around for ages in the form of that suspicious federale working with Charlie. Unfortunately for both Briggs and Charlie, Jangles was a crazy and violent psychopath who easily got the upper hand when confronted.

In moments, both Briggs and Charlie were bound and bleeding in Jangles’ bedroom. He got in some fun knife-play at Charlie’s expense before Mike showed up to save the day.

And save the day he did! One excellent shot to the chest, and Jangles was no more.

The real story of Paul Briggs

With Jangles dead and Briggs really needing Mike to trust him, Briggs told his trainee the real (probably) story of how the Estate burned down back in the day. Jangles wanted to know the name of the mole in the drug organization — and Briggs gave in while suffering from heroin withdrawal.

But this meant that Jangles went after the mole’s whole house. All of the other agents died in the resulting fire. Thus, Briggs has always considered their deaths to be his fault.

Making the FBI happy, with lies if necessary

The death of the federale-otherwise-known-as-Jangles tied up everything in a neat bow for the FBI. Jangles was conveniently blamed for everything, even things that Briggs totally did.

That means that no one will ever again suspect Briggs of killing Mike’s handler or of having a hand in the Estate fire. Proof came from Jangles’ keys, all of which were traced to dead people (and at least one of which was planted). Even Odin Rossi was pinned on someone else — that hapless guy that Briggs sent away on the boat in his place.

Mike, meanwhile, got that dream job in Washington. Looks like our boy is on his way up!

Or …

Of course, “Graceland” has already been renewed for a second season, so that can’t be the end. Mike went to DC, but that isn’t far enough away from Paul Briggs. One phone call may be enough to lure Mike back to the house for season 2:

“Listen Mike, I haven’t told anyone else about this …”

If that weren’t stressful and ambiguous enough, a couple of delinquent-looking kids found the recording of Briggs killing the FBI agent. One of them even took the tape with him before the hoodlums ran away. Is this going to come back to destroy the agents later?

Alas, fans will have to wait until Season 2 to find out answers and what twisted mess Briggs will drag Mike into. Considering the first season’s activities, the only certainty is deception. After all, on “Graceland,” lies are life.

Posted by:Laurel Brown