bachelor in paradise season 1 graham bunn love Graham Bunn teases finding love on 'Bachelor in Paradise'Zap2it got the opportunity to go on a date with “Bachelor in Paradise’s” Graham Bunn and it was just as wonderful as fans could imagine — well, except for instead of laughing and talking about our future together, we talked about his experience looking for love in paradise and one of his ex-girlfriends — but still amazing.

One thing is very clear right off the bat with Bunn, he’s ready for a relationship. The “Bachelor” franchise veteran, who left his first show when he knew he didn’t see himself getting to the alter with then, “Bachelorette” DeAnna Pappas, and “Bachelor Pad” Season 2 runner-up — is ready for love. So when the producers for “Bachelor in Paradise” said they had some ladies who would be a perfect fit for the entrepreneur on the new show, he says he gladly accepted.

The spontaneity of being on the first season of the new show kept the entire cast guessing, and brought about all new challenges for Bunn. “The biggest challenge for me for this show was
just me internally,” he admits. “In previous experiences, not only in shows, but in my life,
I haven’t been the one to open up completely and really be vulnerable and
really share and put my feelings out there,” he shares.

Bunn admits he decided to “really be open” and “experience the time on the show to the fullest.” Part of that — making the most out of being there with former love and now friend Michelle Money. Regarding Money, Bunn seem to hold her in an extremely high regard, he tells Zap2it, “I would give anything to make sure she finds
everything that she wants and is happy.” Take note future exes, the dashing contestant says the key to their great relationship is good communication. “anytime if it was ever anything that bothered
one of us we would just come to each other and say ‘Hey look, this is something
that I’m struggling with, can you help me?’ She was amazing, so easy and open
and super supportive of me and actually really encouraging me to open up,” Bunn reveals.

So did Bunn find his future bride-to-be on the new series? Our predictions point to yes. When asked whether he would ever consider taking a spin at being the “Bachelor,” Graham said he would be “open to it, but he would have to be single” to be eligible. When probed further, Bunn played coy of course, but judging by the sparkle in his eye, bets are that someone made a special impression on him in “Paradise” for sure.

Regardless of the outcome, Bunn makes Paradise sound like such a blissful experience saying, “I can say with complete certainly that I gave it
everything I had and I have no regrets about the feelings I shared and the time
that I spent with certain people. I couldn’t be happier that I did it.”

To follow Graham’s journey to find love, tune in to “Bachelor in Paradise” on Monday, August 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins