chris brown grammy awards 2013 grammys Grammy Awards 2013: Chris Brown hits red carpet without Rihanna, admits his music is 'gimmicky'Chris Brown may be planning to press charges against the paparazzi who allegedly caused him to wreck his car this weekend, but he won’t be claiming any injury — at least, not after his interview with Ryan Seacrest at the Grammys.

“It’s cool, I’m fine. Little bit of bumps. I’m good though,” Brown said. When asked how the accident happened, he added, “You know. A couple crazy things, you know. paparazzi can tend to get out of hand. It’s all good though. No injuries. I’m fine.”

As for the black Porsche that was wrecked — Brown says it’s no big deal. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll get another one. Insurance is good.”

Brown, who hit the red carpet without his on-again off-again girlfriend Rihanna, says he digs the Grammys because of their elegance. “Tonight I’m just looking forward to the performances, you know. Lot of great artists here, so I’m just happy to be a part of it. The Grammys always is a great and elegant place to be.”

Asked about his favorite artists of the year, he commended Miguel’s work. “I think he’s had a great and wonderful year. To be from an R&B kind of background, like he’s taking that and then he’s doing his thing.”

As for his own music, Brown admits that he could do better. “I’m hoping it’s just real music [that becomes trendy in 2013]. A lot of the music nowadays I love it, but it’s very gimmicky. Even with mine, some of my music is gimmicky. But you know I just want to go back to the real music. A lot of instruments, the real band.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie