kelly price grammys 2 Grammys 2012: Kelly Price breaks down on the red carpetKelly Price was the last person to perform with Whitney Houston, who died Saturday (Feb. 11) — a little more than 24 hours before the Grammy Awards ceremony — and she’s a total trooper for facing the red carpet at Sunday night’s event.

She got lucky when she was paired up with E! host Ryan Seacrest for an interview.

“Singing with Whitney to me has always been just an honor,” Price tells Seacrest. “She was the premiere artist to me. She was amazing. In my heart I was praying it was an Internet hoax and to explain it.”

Price then talked about where she was when she found out about Houston’s death.

“I was at the Grammy gift suite and it just got real weird,” says Price. “My manager took me to my car and told me what happened. We were supposed to meet up at Clive Davis’ party last night.”

But Price broke down when Seacrest asked how she thought Houston would want the Grammy ceremony to unfold.

“She would want it to be celebratory and about the music. She loved what she did and…,” says Price before she’s overcome and unable to continue.

Seacrest luckily steps in and finishes her sentence for her, ad libbing something about Houston wanting her fellow musicians to celebrate. Then he hustles the interview to a close.

Well done, Seacrest.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson