lorde weeping angel grammys 2014 gi Grammys 2014: Lorde performs with a 'Doctor Who' weeping angel

If you saw Lorde’s “Royals” performance at the 56th Grammy Awards, chances are you were left with some serious questions. It wasn’t a bad performance by any stretch, but it was a little puzzling.
Why was she playing in front of a weeping angel from “Doctor Who”?
Seriously, that’s a dangerous choice to make. If they’re behind you, you’re not looking at them. That’s when terrible things happen. Unless she’s working with them, which is scary. Don’t blink. Here’s the performance so you can see them for yourself:

What’s with the “Beetlejuice” look?
Did she watch “Beetlejuice” over the last couple of weeks? While we love Lorde’s sense of style, here she seemed to be seriously channeling Winona Ryder in the Tim Burton classic.
Why was she so sweaty right off the bat?
It didn’t take long for Lorde to get really sweaty. Was she doing heavy cardio backstage before singing? Whatever she was doing, it worked, because that woman can sing.
What’s going on with her nails?
Most get their nails done for a big show. Lorde seemed to get her entire fingertips done, with it looking like she dipped them in paint for some reason. Is this a new trend she’s looking to start?
lorde fingers grammys 2014 gi Grammys 2014: Lorde performs with a 'Doctor Who' weeping angel
Why did she look like she was in pain?
Lorde seems to have some real troubles singing her own songs, poor girl. Her body language screams, “It hurts! It huts so much!” Doesn’t she love the song like the rest of the world? Or maybe that’s just her shtick.
Regardless of what you have to say about the performance, it’s hard to deny Lorde’s talent. At only 17 years old, she’s got the world in her hands and nowhere to go but up.
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