winter storm blizzard nemo new york entertainment gi Grammys, BAFTAs and more: How will winter storm Nemo affect the entertainment business?

Big winter storms aren’t just about the snowfall. They also create travel and work hazards, sometimes shutting down airports for an entire region. This tends to cause a lot of trouble for the entertainment industry, and this busy weekend is no exception. How could winter storm Nemo affect such events as the Grammy Awards and the BAFTAs?

The impact of Nemo on the biggest music awards of the year will probably be minimal. The Grammy Awards ceremony is, after all, held in Los Angeles. While there is a storm hitting southern California this weekend too, it’s mostly just a little rain to make the red carpet uncomfortable.

In addition to this, all of the big performers and presenters scheduled for the Grammys have already gotten out of the Northeast. There may be a few nominees who don’t make it, but otherwise things are good.

Britain’s most important awards are distributed this weekend as well. Held in London, the weather could make it difficult for anyone traveling from or through the Northeast to arrive in Europe by Sunday.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, all filming in New York City has been suspended until after the storm passes. No permits to film will be issued for the moment. Several feature films and the reality series, “Coffee Cake,” will have to reschedule.

For the moment, anyway, the show will go on, even with the snow. The Broadway League has issued a statement that all plays would be performed as scheduled and that further information was available from the individual box offices.

“Saturday Night Live,” this week starring Justin Bieber as the host and musical guest, has no plans to cancel the filming of its live broadcast. Other television productions have not indicated that they will close down either.

Posted by:Laurel Brown