Warner Bros. has released another in a line of stressful trailers for “Gravity,” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts lost in space after to a debris disaster that strands them outside their shuttle.
Earlier in the week, a trailer called “Detached” inspired panic attacks among viewers as Bullock’s character, Dr. Ryan Stone, loses attachment to the shuttle and communication with Houston in the midst of the team aborting their mission. Clooney’s character, shuttle commander Matt Kowalsky, desperately tries to save Stone through verbal commands and attempts at communication with home base.
Next up was “Drifting,” which lives up to its name as Stone is seen drifting aimlessly through space after becoming detached, and is heard nearly hyperventilating as she tries unsuccessfully to communicate with the shuttle and mission control.
Now we have “I’ve Got You.” It’s unclear whether the scene in this clip is out of sequence with the previous two, but Stone and Kowalsky see-saw back and forth around the shuttle, trying to save each other from certain death as they, tied together, aim to anchor themselves to the station. “I’ve got you,” Bullock tells Clooney as she reaches for his hand, only to see their fingers slip apart.
Hopefully Warner Bros. will throw us a bone soon and show us a scene that provides a little bit of relief to this train of suspense.
Posted by:mchance