green lantern trailer 'Green Lantern' trailer: Ryan Reynolds goes looking for troubleOkay, we’ll admit it: we don’t know the first thing about comic books. We can’t tell the “Green Lantern” from the Green Hornet from the Green Arrow. But you can bet that come summer, this will be on our list of must-see Blockbusters.
]]>To be fair, we’re very shallow, and when the trailer begins with a half-naked Ryan Reynolds scrambling for his pants, we’ve pretty much already bought our ticket. When the next scene involves him removing said pants as Blake Lively watches, we’re practically in our seats, popcorn in hand, Red Vines waiting in our purse, contemplating how we can sneak into the next showing, too. The special effects look stunning — particularly on the villainous characters. Yuck. We love Hal’s childlike reaction to his suit, and Lively looks great with the darker hair. We’re particularly anticipating the flying scenes in 3-D. Reynolds, flying out of the screen, straight toward us… we had a dream like that once. Okay, more than once.
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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie