gregory smith everwood gallery wb 325 Gregory Smith: 'Everwood' doesn't need a movie, had 'no loose ends'Gregory Smith is happy in his current TV home on “Rookie Blue,” but “Everwood” fans know he had another one earlier.

Set to start Season 4 as Officer Dov Epstein on the ABC police drama Thursday, May 23, the Toronto native spent four years — opposite co-stars including Emily VanCamp (“Revenge”) — as piano prodigy Ephram Brown on the series about a Colorado town that aired on the now-defunct WB Network.

Though a movie follow-up to “Veronica Mars” is in the works through fan support via the Kickstarter fundraising initiative, Smith tells Zap2it he hasn’t “really thought specifically” about an additional “Everwood” chapter. “I feel like the story was told and the loop was closed.

“Everybody was obviously sad to move on, but at least we knew we were ending and got to plan for it. We got to finish telling the story, as opposed to thinking we were coming back for another year. We had no loose ends to tie up, but I would love to say the words of those writers again and work with those people again. I love it every time I cross paths with them individually.”

emily vancamp gallery everwood wb 325 Gregory Smith: 'Everwood' doesn't need a movie, had 'no loose ends'Smith did that with Treat Williams, who played his “Everwood” father, for a significant chunk of time two years ago. “He was shooting a show in Toronto for a while (Lifetime’s ‘Against the Wall’), and I walked over and found him, and we ended up hanging out for a couple of weeks while he was here. That’s how ‘Everwood’ continues for me.”

During the early stages of ABC’s “Revenge,” VanCamp told us what she thought her “Everwood” character Amy Abbott would be doing now. Her reply then was that Amy “is living happily with Ephram. They probably have a couple of kids. He’s a famous pianist, and she is a great mom and a women’s rights activist. And they visit Everwood all the time.”

“That sounds pretty good,” Smith says with a laugh when told VanCamp’s answer. “I think Ephram would be very happy with that. If they visit Everwood all the time, though, I wonder where they live. Maybe they’re on Maui, or in some tropical paradise.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin