calson van susteren getty Greta Van Susteren and Tucker Carlson feud over Mike Tyson's thoughts on Sarah Palin and Glen RiceOk. Let’s take this step by step.

By now you’re probably aware that former NBA star Glen Rice admitted to a one-night affair with Sarah Palin in 1987.

Now this is where it gets a little confusing.

Mike Tyson went on ESPN radio Friday (Sept. 16) and, among other things, discussed his thoughts on this news. Tyson, a convicted rapist, imagined a scenario where “she [Palin] met the wombshifter,” what clearly seems to be a derogatory and violent term.

Having heard this Tyson’s comments, conservative columnist Tucker Carlson posted an interview recap on his website The Daily Caller with the headline “Mike Tyson: Sarah Palin met ‘the wombshifter’.” Greta Van Susteren, a friend of Palin’s and Carlson’s former co-worker at Fox News, found this posting to be abhorrent.

She writes on her blog, “He [Carlson] should pull the posting down and then fire anyone who used this bad judgment and was part of posting it. This is not journalism. It is denigrating women.”

The war of words escalated when Carlson went on Van Susteren’s show and didn’t back down, saying that he was simply quoting the boxer.

Van Susteren shot back at Carlson, “I think you’re lying” and what he writes “glorifies violence on women.”

Here’s video of their exchange:

Posted by:David Eckstein