One by one the other kids come in with horrific injuries. George is absolutely commanding — so so good to see him playing an integral role — and calm under pressure. But one by one his patients go south, and he asks Hunt to take him off the cases. While he has to declare the girlfriend of the second boy a DOA, Alex talks to Becca, the valedictorian, as she's getting prepped for surgery. He ignores her request to find out how her friends are, and instead asks her to give her speech. And it's a wonderful speech — all about how today is the day when her life begins, when she becomes a grown-up, when she becomes accountable to someone else, ready to take on all the possi
bilities of life. This is all the stuff Alex swipes for his vows later on, but here in particular, it works. And in the end, she makes it — the sole survivor. 

George takes it hard — every patient he worked on died. But Hunt explains that trauma is about being where you're needed and doing what you can. He's clearly been affected by all of the carnage as well, as has Cristina (Keep your eyes on Owen and Cristina — they're clearly not done yet, and I remain a giant sucker for Kevin McKidd's sad longing.). In the end, Becca is amazed to see Lexie, who's tending to her, crying. Lexie, who's worked with George all day and uses that doe-eyed expressive look to the hilt, replies, "You're breathing." We're all hanging on by a thread, it turns out.

I need to add one brief note about Callie, who handled the ER like a champ — especially since Arizona kept coming at her trying to figure out why their highly anticipated date was so bad. Her new financial woes are the real source of the downer — and it's not just that her father disowned her; he cleaned out her bank account too — a serious drag that puts to rest any criticism I had about her inability to survive on her salary.

So what did you think? Was the wedding everything you'd expected it to be? What do you think will happen with Izzie next week?

Posted by:Lisa Todorovich