greys anatomy caterina scorsone 'Grey's Anatomy': Caterina Scorsone reveals Amelia will finally get to know Meredith After a couple of years, Caterina Scorsone is making her way back to “Grey’s Anatomy” to reprise her role as Derek’s sister Amelia. The “Private Practice” alum spoke with Zap2it about how much Amelia has changed since her time on the spinoff series, and what her presence on “Grey’s Anatomy” now means for her future.

Zap2it: It was so great seeing you back on “Grey’s Anatomy” last week. What was it like coming back to the show to reprise your role?
Caterina Scorsone: It was surprisingly easy regardless of the gap in between. I just know everyone over there really well and I have friends both in front of the camera and behind the camera. I love the writing and I love the character of Amelia.

Viewers saw Amelia in a really vulnerable place after her disastrous day of taking care of Derek and Meredith’s kids. Where is her head at now?
She’s at a real important period in her life. She’s finally gotten herself together enough that she’s been in a long-term relationship with somebody who’s not a drug addict. [laughs] He’s popped the big question and she’s suddenly forced to consider her life and what she wants going into the future. For someone who has a past like Amelia does, she has a lot of questions about herself and a lot of doubts about what she can handle and what she really wants. She’s seeking wisdom from her big brother Derek.

So what does this mean for Amelia’s future?
We’ll have to see what happens with what she ends up deciding to do. She’s freaked out! She has this great guy who’s been there for her and he wants to get married and have kids. If fans remember him from “Private Practice,” he’s a little more traditional in the way he was raised. But hey, Amelia was raised pretty traditionally too. He’s just a really solid guy and she doesn’t know if she can be his wife and the mother of his children was also being a surgeon, because that’s what she’s really passionate about. That’s what kept her sober and sane.

How long will we see Amelia on “Grey’s Anatomy?”
Amelia is in three more this season, all the episodes left this season. And in the next episode, she gets tapped to participate in a very complicated surgery that Derek is working on involving conjoined twins. Amelia is asked to help since there are two brains at stake. So you’ll see her in the hospital, and she has privileges at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Wow, I didn’t realize Amelia was here for the rest of the season! That’s awesome. Is there any chance you’ll be sticking around past this season, too?
I sure hope so. I honestly do not know what is going to happen. The hiatus is coming and upfronts are coming, writers are sitting down in the writers room starting to plan next year, so I don’t know what they have in store. But I’m absolutely game for whatever it might be!

What are you most excited for fans to see from Amelia’s return?
I’m just glad that she’s still standing. On “Private Practice” she endured such an unthinkable tragedy and time has passed, and she was able to weather those storms and overcome them and she’s still herself. She’s learned a lot and has a lot of wisdom from what’s happened. It didn’t kill her. It made her stronger. And she’s still got her humor intact which is important for.

What can you tease about Thursday’s (May 1) episode, “We Are Never Getting Back Together?”
She’ll start to get closer to Meredith, and she’s never really had that opportunity before. She’ll get to build a real relationship with her for the first time, since Amelia was always closer to Addison. Now Amelia can get to know Meredith in a grown-up way.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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