greys anatomy jackson avery romance 1 'Grey's Anatomy': Jesse Williams and Chyler Leigh on the fallout from their onscreen romance

There wasn’t a lot of grace in the way that Jackson and Lexie’s romance began on “Grey’s Anatomy.” First, they were sharing a touching friend moment and then in the next scene they were, well, sharing some friendly touches in the shower.
“It definitely seems like it happened very, very fast,” Chyler Leigh, who plays Lexie Grey, tells Zap2it. “But if you do look back to earlier episodes, you can definitely see there’s been a good friendship for Lexie and Jackson.”
“So, even though the form of their hook up is a shocker,” she adds. “I don’t think it was too much of a shocker to expect something might happen between the two of them… But you know, he’s a good-looking guy! Who wouldn’t get in the shower with him? I mean, let’s be honest. It’s an interesting step, but it’s an understandable step I would think.”
Whether you agree with Lexie and Jackson’s new relationship, one thing is clear: It isn’t a passing fancy. Jesse Williams tells us that his character takes the new romance very seriously and Leigh says that with just two episodes left to shoot for this season that the relationship continues. 

So when we last spoke to the stars, we asked them to consider the fallout from the burgeoning relationship — both on Mark (played by Eric Dane) and with the fans.

greys anatomy jackson avery romance 2 'Grey's Anatomy': Jesse Williams and Chyler Leigh on the fallout from their onscreen romance

How will the new romance affect your relationship with Mark?

Williams: Jackson was just lobbying Mark to let him do plastic surgeries a couple episodes ago. They’ve been in surgeries together. Mark has confided in him to go do some recon on Lexie and he kind of deflected that. But now, what happens in the hallway when we see each other? Do we square off? Do we become buddies? Who knows? That will be the next step that we’ll find out. These two guys, what happens when there’s a girl in the way? What are they going to do?
Leigh: With Mark, it hasn’t fully been addressed quite yet. It might come up in the next episode that we’re going to film. We see that he’s upset about the whole thing. There hasn’t been a fistfight if that’s what you’re asking. It will definitely be addressed by the end of this season as far as how Mark really reacts and how he really feels about the whole thing.
We’ve already seen a lot of comments both in favor of and against Lexie and Jackson’s relationship. What are your thoughts on the fans’ reactions to the new romance?
Williams: It sounds like people are kind of keen about the idea and kind of interested in what’s happening with Jackson and Lexie or ‘Jaxie,’ whatever the name is they make up for it. But I would be surprised if there wasn’t a little fallout from the Mark and Lexie lovers. That makes sense. Their relationship happened for a while, so it would be weird if people didn’t care. They should care.
Leigh: As far as the fans go, there’s usually some kind of uproar about a new relationship or a relationship that happens in the wings or on the cusp of another one. So, I think you got to give it some time. Let it simmer. Let things marinate a little bit. And it could be surprising which way she goes and you might actually really like it and in true ‘Grey’s’ fashion it can all change tomorrow. Enjoy the ride! 
So, what’s your verdict on “Jaxie,” Zappers?
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