jessica capshaw greys anatomy 'Grey's Anatomy': Jessica Capshaw talks Arizona's infidelity, PTSD, and more

Many “Grey’s Anatomy” fans have been up in arms over Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) decision to cheat on Callie (Sara Ramirez) in the Season 9 finale, especially after all Callie had done to help Arizona post-plane crash. Capshaw promises that we will get a better understanding over why Arizona did what she did in upcoming Season 10 episodes now that Callie kicked Arizona out of their apartment.

“What’s coming up is a little more understanding as to why Arizona has been making the decisions she has been making which have been pretty slutty and interesting,” Capshaw tells Zap2it. “I think that’s all generated by a certain lack of something.”

Capshaw also believes that Arizona has not yet fully dealt with the repercussions of the plane crash that took her leg, which has affected her a lot in negative ways. “She’s been dealing with a lot of PTSD from the plane crash, and the car crash and being a mother. There’s been so much happening,” Capshaw says. “I think there’s going to be some sort of understanding and reasoning as to why she landed where she landed. She’ll perhaps be able to explain some of those things. And hopefully she’ll be able to get back to who and what and where she was before all the tragedy started happening to her.”

Does Capshaw agree with the choices Arizona has made, specifically cheating on Callie? “I don’t know that there’s an agreement or a disagreement,” Capshaw says. “I think life is messy, and she found herself in a situation where that made sense in the moment. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I don’t ever stand by anyone betraying the person who loves them the most in life. Never ever ever. It’s horrible. I can’t imagine it, I hope to never imagine it. Truly.”

Capshaw hasn’t let her onscreen mess affect her offscreen relationships. “I spent the beginning of the season dealing with the aftermath of this infidelity at work,” Capshaw says. “But then I would come home, live my life, and be so happy and have my three kids and my amazing husband. Make no mistake, we totally get into it, my husband and I, and it gets messy but then it’s all good. We understand each other, and I don’t hold any grudges.”

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum