kim raver greys anatomy large 'Grey's Anatomy': Kim Raver promises 'a great new beginning'Kim Raver predicts Seattle Grace will bounce back from the season-capping shooting spree on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but it may not be easy.

The actress has returned to work as Dr. Teddy Altman on the ABC drama series, which launches its seventh year Thursday, Sept. 23. She reports that walking back onto the set after last spring’s violent, intense finale — sparked by a vengeful gunman who roamed the hospital’s rooms and corridors — prompted mixed feelings, but mainly positive ones.

“It’s a great new beginning,” Raver tells Zap2it about resuming the “Grey’s” saga. “There are a lot of new places for the characters to go. I think everyone is very excited, because where we left off last season is a great place thematically and dramatically.”

Raver credits series creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes and her writing team with creating “this atmosphere where anything can happen, because of what the characters have been through, and that will really inject a whole new energy into a series that’s going into its seventh year. I think that was just a brilliant move.”

Before “Grey’s” begins anew, Raver stars in the Lifetime movie “Bond of Silence” Monday, Aug. 23. Cast as a woman whose husband was killed while trying to quiet down a teenage New Year’s Eve party, Raver says she enjoys having a project rest largely on her shoulders.

She surely is well-versed in ensemble work, having been prominent previously on the series “Third Watch,” “24,” “Lipstick Jungle” and “The Nine.”

“I definitely feel very fortunate,” Raver reflects, “also in the sense that I’ve been able to play such different people. For an actress, that’s the dream, and I feel very grateful. There have been some long runs and some short runs … and even the shorter ones were fun.”

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Posted by:Jay Bobbin