greys anatomy mark callie arizona abc 320 'Grey's Anatomy': McSteamy is in a McPickle

It seems everyone is in a good place at the end of Thursday’s (Feb. 3) episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” except for one very handsome cosmetic surgeon. 
Outside of Mark (played by Eric Dane), the other surgeons of Seattle Grace-Mercy West have found a way to settle their problems (for now). Bailey (Chandra Wilson) gets to tweet during surgeries now that the chief has bought into it. After feeling left out from Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) clinical trials, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is back on the project.
We thought that things would be a lot worse for Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) after the big pregnancy reveal in the last episode. Instead, Callie seemed more resolved to forgive Arizona. And Arizona was willing to push aside her anger at Callie having had sex with Mark, so that she could be there for Callie and the baby. So, the big challenge going forward is how to make sure Callie doesn’t freak out. Obviously after George cheated on her and Arizona went to Africa without her, she fears being left alone with the baby. But, we think Mark will always be there. After all, this is what he has been wanting. And while we foresee some tough times ahead for her and Arizona, we don’t think Arizona wants to go anywhere either.
So, that leaves Mark’s little dilemma. It’s obvious after Mark’s daughter stayed with them that Little Grey (Chyler Leigh) isn’t ready to be anyone’s stepmom. So, it was totally true to form that she would be pissed at the news that Mark will soon be a father again right after they’ve gotten back together.

It’s a tough situation he’s in, but the fact remains that he’s going to be a dad in seven months whether or not he’s with Lexie. So, either she’ll just have to come around or he’ll need to move on. There is the possibility that he’ll decide to be the “fun uncle” as Callie offered, but we don’t see (nor do we want) him making that decision.
What do you think Mark will do? And what do you think of Kevin McKidd’s (who plays Owen) directorial debut? Did he do you proud? 

Posted by:Jethro Nededog