greys anatomy karev chief resident abc 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: All's Fair In Love And Job AdvancementThe time has come for each of the Chief Resident hopefuls to interview with Owen, and at the same time everyone is doing what they need to do out of the interview room as well. Jackson actually knocks himself out of the running early when he inexplicably resigns from the Chief’s diabetes clinical trial. Owen’s actually kind of pissed about it since he thinks Jackson has a history of quitting when things get hard, and then he wonders if the trial is flawed. But when Owen investigates the trial, he finds that it’s actually so awesome it could potentially win awards, such as the very one named after Jackson’s grandfather. Owen realizes that Jackson quit because he realized that if he was on the trial it would never win said award, and he tells Jackson he respects the decision but also warns him not to let the name hold him back. Jackson isn’t too worried that he’s out of the running because he still has his loving girlfriend Lexie — though she spends most of the episode mooning over Mark and Sofia, who are hanging out during Callie’s first day back at work. It seems the image of Mark with an infant isn’t as horrifying as she had anticipated, and in fact is turning out to be her own personal catnip.

Meredith is finding that she’s pretty into the baby idea as well. She and Derek are still working to try and adopt Zola, but Meredith is fretting about all the ways things could go wrong and the adoption could fall through. Zola has to have routine surgery for a hernia, and Mere worries during the entire procedure while watching through the window, but things go totally fine. She then has a meeting with someone from the adoption agency to see how suitable she might be as a parent, and she’s crazy nervous and awkward during the interview. Once she calms down a bit and just speaks honestly, she winds up doing a great job showing the woman how much she cares about Zola in her own way. The other thing adding to Mere’s stress level is that she’s terrified that Alex is going to spill the beans about her switcheroo in the trial, but he keeps it to himself, even though he’s pretty bitter about it.

As part of her interview, April shows Owen how well her checklists work to make sure the doctors follow protocol in treating every patient. But her plan is messed up when Cristina swoops in and takes one of the patients herself instead of calling Teddy to consult as the list told her to do. Cristina discovers that the guy has a tiny little tree that is growing in one of his lungs and decides that she’s going to do the surgery to remove it herself. April is totally against it until Cristina offers to put in a good word for her with Owen if she keeps her mouth shut. April seems tempted, but ultimately she blows the whistle on Cristina, and Richard, Teddy and Owen are all livid. The patient, however, is so grateful for Cristina figuring out what was wrong with him that he insists she do the surgery herself. It seems like Teddy’s head might explode from seeing Cristina totally flaunt the rules and yet save the day once again. Once Cristina has her own Chief Resident interview with Owen, he tells her point-blank that she’s not getting the job, but it’s not because of the stunt she pulled — instead, he points out that the job entails a ton of managerial bulls***, scheduling, dealing with other residents’ problems, and all sorts of other things that Cristina would hate. He tells her that she’s a brilliant surgeon and should just focus on surgery. She’s completely pissed off, but once she has time to think about it (time, and a few drinks at the bar) she realizes he’s right and that he’s looking out for her, and they make up.

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