greys anatomy music event sara ramirez abc 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Glee's AnatomyOh my. As was set up last week, this week’s Very Special Musical Episode is a result of Arizona and Callie’s car accident. Because Callie took off her seat belt to retrieve her phone, she goes through the windshield when they hit the truck and this results in just about every bad internal injury in the book. As the others fight to save both her and her baby’s lives, she watches them from afar, singing, and sometimes they jump in an accompany her. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing that many of these actors aren’t usually asked to sing, and that Sara Ramirez was given the lion’s share of the work.

Callie has so many different injuries that the doctors all argue about what needs to be fixed first, but ultimately she just needs to be sedated for a day until they can do much of anything. Lucy isn’t prepared for a possible baby delivery this complicated so Richard flies Addison up to take care of things, and it’s awesome to have her back even if it’s only for a few scenes. After a very strange sex interlude/montage (not kidding), Cristina has a brainstorm of how they can fix Callie’s heart less invasively than usual and it involves using some sort of crazy risky method Burke taught her. Teddy doesn’t want to do it and Owen initially backs Teddy up, but when shit starts to go really badly in surgery the next day, Teddy is overruled and Cristina takes over and does the procedure. At the same time Derek fixes a bunch of stuff in Callie’s brain, but he can’t be sure any of it worked and they all just have to wait to see if and how she wakes up. Addison tries to hold off on the baby’s delivery but eventually has to do a c-section; Arizona runs in to try and help and is able to get the baby girl breathing. Finally, as they wait for Callie to wake up, Arizona and Mark make peace with each other and manage to admit that they are both important to Callie and their new baby daughter.

Lexie and Avery have a few awkward moments as all this unfolds due to Lexie’s being there for Mark. Ultimately, though, she goes home with her current roommate lovah, which seems like the right thing to do but still makes me sad, as apparently I have to admit that I am just a big old Mark-Lexie ‘shipper. Meredith has an emotional breakdown because she was jealous of Callie getting pregnant and now wonders what the point of life is, basically, but Derek promises her that they will have a child somehow. The twosome that doesn’t come through the ordeal so well is Cristina and Teddy — Teddy is so bent out of shape at what happened with the nifty Burke procedure that she declares that she can’t be Cristina’s teacher any more if Cristina won’t listen and learn. One could argue that saving the patient showed she made the right call, but Teddy’s ego appears to have one massive bruise and at least for now, she’s over it. Finally, as Arizona waits at Callie’s bedside Callie finally wakes up, and the first thing she says is that yes, she’ll marry Arizona.

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