greys anatomyh s7 sandra oh 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: The Shocking TruthOn “Grey’s Anatomy,” Owen and Cristina wake up the morning after their wedding, and he certainly knows his new bride — he’s ready for it when she seems to realize what they did and she starts to panic. Unfortunately, his ultimate solution to help her get her mojo back is to get her back into the OR.

It’s a good thought, and I might have done the same thing in his shoes, but it doesn’t go well. When someone knocks over a tray of tools that creates a loud bang, Cristina drops to the floor, literally paralyzed with fear. Meredith manages to help her enough to get her back to the locker room, and after the surgery Owen comes to talk to her and to admit he was totally wrong about what she needed. Cristina, upset over both what happened in the OR and the fact that the marriage didn’t actually make her feel immediately better/cured/happy/etc., gives her wedding ring back to Owen and walks away.

She finds sanctuary at Meredith’s house, but, shockingly, after letting Cristina wallow a bit, Meredith gently tells her that marriage is for better or worse and that this is just the “worse” part, and that Cristina should stick it out. Just then Owen barges into the house to say that she was there for him when he was going through his own PTSD and that he’ll be there for her as well, no matter what, because he loves her, and they go home together. Meredith must have been able to finally dole out some actually good advice, because she herself finally told Derek that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage, and she then admits that his driving terrifies her, so that all she does all day is worry that he will die. He seems to agree to become a safe driver once again, and she finally gets cleared for surgery now that she’s no longer ignoring her own problems.

Meanwhile, if anyone was going to be able to help Alex get over himself, it’s Bailey. She realizes he’s still got the bullet in his chest and doesn’t allow him to operate as long as it’s there. He sulks and complains all day long but finally she just orders him onto an operating table and he goes with it, and as she works she explains that they’re going to be carrying around enough about that day with them forever, so he doesn’t need this extra souvenir. As she pulls the bullet out they also talk about Reed and Charles and how it was basically just the luck of the draw (and their multi-season contracts) that spared their own lives that day.

The big medical drama of the week is that an entire flag football team was struck by lightning, so the ER winds up full of them and their burns, temporary paralysis and romantic drama. Mark has Lexie help him out with one of the team members to keep her away from doing any actual surgery, because he is still worried about her. He also admits to Callie that he’s in love with Lexie and wants to propose immediately, but she advises him to wait on that, seeing as how they aren’t that far removed from his having had Lexie committed. Lexie, however, doesn’t get that he’s hovering and keeping her out of the OR because he is worried about her, and she just gets angrier and angrier because she thinks he thinks she’s a walking time bomb, and she is convinced that his behavior is influencing everyone else, as well.

Mark, though, comes to the realization through their patient that life is short, and he decides it’s time to declare his love to Lexie. Unfortunately, when he goes to make his move, Lexie lets him have it and begs him to leave her alone, and because he’s decided to do whatever it takes to make her happy, he agrees. Aw.

Callie and Arizona, meanwhile, have been involved in some stupid non-drama about what color the walls should be in their apartment. Seriously, these two deserve far better storylines than the stupid fluff they’ve gotten these first two episodes of season seven. It seems that the only real reason their whole arc exists this hour is so that a once-again heartbroken and slightly drunk Mark can advise Callie to realize she’s got someone wonderful and that if Arizona wants to paint the walls beige, Callie should let her, because it really doesn’t matter in the great scheme of life when you are together with the person you love.

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