greys anatomy season 10 episode 16 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 10, episode 16 recap: Webber has the 'worst birthday ever' in 'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place'It’s the former chief’s birthday on “Grey’s Anatomy,” so you know what that means … pretending like Webber’s big day isn’t anything special only to reveal a big surprise party at the end of the day! Nothing like feeling like all your friends don’t care about you all day long on your birthday to make the day memorable, right? Right.

On Thursday’s (March 20) all-new episode, “We Gotta Get Out Of Here,” Webber wasn’t the only one having a bad day only to end up happy in the final moments. Callie was so pissed at Derek for signing away her sensors — thus canceling her research altogether — to the POTUS that she was ready to sue Derek for intellectual property purposes. He tells her he’ll take her to court with the US government at his back if that’s what it takes, but he still feels bad. Callie tells Derek that he feels bad because he’s a good guy who knows deep down he’s doing the wrong thing. And that’s all it takes to convince Derek that he’s wrong.

Derek goes back to the presidential board and basically plays chicken with them, telling them they have to share the sensors with Callie and her research or else Derek is out of their brain mapping committee. They clearly want him bad, because they give in and strike the policy from their contract. Callie gets to continue her research, Derek continues to be BFFs with the prez, and everyone’s happy. Happy ending!

Another couple who gets a happy ending by the end of the day is Jo and Alex. Ever since Meredith gave Alex the idea of signing a “love contract” so their relationship would be above board, he’s been trying to get Jo to sign. She won’t, though, even if signing it means she will never be back on pediatric service again. She explains to Alex that she thinks signing a legal document is the kiss of death for any relationship. But he gives her a “Grey’s Anatomy” classic speech about how nothing in life in certain and they could die at any moment, but right now, all he wants to do is be able to kiss her at work and not get in trouble. She ends up signing the contract because Alex convinces her it only means good things, not bad things. Another happy ending!

Cristina and Owen follow the patter of the night too. Cristina spent all day trying to convince Owen to sign up for online dating. She wants to pair him up with someone who’s perfect for him and wants all the same things he does so she can be happy knowing that he’s happy. But he doesn’t want anyone else: He wants her. So they keep hooking up. Another happy ending!

Along with his surprise party, Webber also got to take charge of a case of a lifetime. A man absorbed his twin in utero, and Webber gets to take point because it’s his birthday. But the man doesn’t want them to take out “his little brother” because of how unique Webber was calling it to the students. So Webber convinces him to let him remove it, and Webber will place it in jar for him to take home. But the patient is horrified by what he sees in the bucket, so Webber calls it his birthday present and takes it to his closet of things he’s removed from people. Pretty much the grosses thing ever but it makes him happy.

And that’s not even the best part! After the hospital gave Webber some pamphlets about how it “might be time to retire,” he spent the whole day huffy about how you can’t just throw something good and valuable away. And later that night at his party, Owen offers him the head position of the residency program to teach all the residents going forward. Yet another happy ending!

However, the entire episode couldn’t be happy: This is “Grey’s Anatomy,” after all. Jackson and April’s post-honeymoon bliss had to come to an end sometime, which is does immediately upon seeing Jackson’s mother Catherine at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She came to convince April and Jackson to sign a post-nup to protect the very powerful, rich and influential Avery Foundation. 

Catherine isn’t just convinced that April is just after Jackson’s money. She’s more concerned with how Jackson and April’s children will be raised and how it will affect the Avery Foundation, as the kids will inherit it when they turn 18. Even though April is fine with signing the document as an olive branch, Catherine lays down the law: If the religious April teaches their kids that pro-choice is wrong, when they grow up they could make the Avery Foundation discontinue its support of medical industries that perform abortions and experiment with stem cells. They could literally change the medical profession by throwing their support one way or another. 
The post-nup argument also raises a lot of issues for Jackson and April, who had yet to discuss how they would raise their children yet. They get into a fight later about which religion they’ll raise their kids, whether or not they’d send them to boarding school, etc., and it becomes clear that this is just the Pandora’s Box of issues for these two. Oops.

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum