greys anatomy do you know recap 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 10, episode 17 recap: Cristina imagines her life with and without Owen in 'Do You Know?' What if one moment, one decision, changed not only your entire life, but the entire lives of the people around you? “Grey’s Anatomy” pondered this very same question during the highly-anticipated Cristina-centric episode on Thursday (March 27), “Do You Know?” by having the doc imagine two possible scenarios that both ended in total misery. The end of the hour found Cristina not making a decision at all, and life went on.

So what was the decision she was mulling over? It all had to do with Owen. After a patient survived a car accident, only to be told he would be paralyzed from the neck down, Cristina asked the man if he wanted to have the ventilator removed, thus ending his life. “Do you know who you are? Do you know what’s happened to you? Do you want to live this way?” Those questions lead Cristina to wonder what her life would be like if she chose to be with Owen …

Scenario No. 1

First, the guy decides to have the ventilator removed after Cristina worked against all odds to save his heart. The depression makes her decide to go all in on a relationship with Owen when she sees him by the elevator. They go on to get a house, a dog, and even have two kids, something Cristina never wanted, but she did it to make Owen happy enough to give up a job opportunity in Germany. 

But her home life gets in the way of her work and Cristina has to give up her trial to Shane. Shane goes on to win the Harper Avery Award for that very same trial, and Cristina realizes she made a mistake with her life, agreeing to have kids and giving up her career. She cries to herself all alone later that night. 
Also, after getting his hand crushed by a cart, Avery can’t operate ever again.

Scenario No. 2

Rewind to the patient making a decision, and this time, he decides to live because of the love he has for his wife. Cristina and Owen celebrate by hooking up, and Owen promises Cristina he’s okay with not having kids. But of course, years later he decides he does want them. They go back and forth in their relationship, over and over, breaking up and getting back together so many times Meredith can’t even pretend to care anymore. Cristina focuses on her trial more than anything else, including helping the patient who decided to live, even when his wife asks for Cristina when he crashes during a trial experiment. Owen, stunned at Cristina’s coldness, kisses the patient’s wife after she tells him she wanted kids and can’t have them anymore. 

Years down the road, Owen becomes an alcoholic and Cristina realizes they ruined each other’s lives by constantly getting back together even though they don’t work. Their relationship is toxic, so she ends it. She goes on to win a record-breaking four consecutive Harper Avery Awards while Owen continues to show up to work drunk, and gets fired by the board, completely ruining his life and career. 

Also, Bailey is some sort of a TV star and Meredith and Derek adopted a third child and Avery still can’t operate because of the same hand injury.


Rewind back to the patient making a decision, and this time, even after looking at his wife, he decides to die. Cristina walks out again in a haze, and sees Owen by the elevator for a third time. But she hesitates going to him, and thus, she’s able to save Jackson’s hand because she saw the cart about to crush it. Before she can walk up to Owen, Meredith intercepts her and asks her a question, and Owen gets on the elevator with a quick smile in Cristina’s direction. 

So while Cristina still hasn’t made a decision about her future with Owen, at least she was able to save Jackson’s career. But why did both scenarios with Owen end in misery? Is this a sign that Cristina and Owen’s relationship is doomed to fail no matter how much they love each other? 

And how weird was it seeing Cristina pregnant, giving birth, holding a baby, and being a mother? It just felt … not right. Right?
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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum