greys anatomy recap sickness spreads 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 10, episode 18 recap: These doctors shouldn't be allowed to operate on anyone Before we dive into this rant, it must be said: Thursday’s (April 3) episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” was a germaphobe’s worst nightmare. The entire background of “You Be Illin'” was a constant loop of coughing noises, sneezes, blowing nose noises, sniffling and clearing phlegmy throats. It was one of the most disgusting and cringe-inducing episodes of ABC’s medical drama yet … and that’s saying something.

Plus, there was so much going on this episode plot wise about minor cases and patients that it was almost overwhelming, and trying to keep up with the flurry of information and storylines almost made the viewer dizzy and faint … exactly as if they were suffering from an illness. Nice job, Shonda Rhimes. Very clever. It was hard to watch, and probably won’t be an episode to re-watch after the first time, but still. Clever.

Now, let’s get to the rant. These doctors should absolutely not be allowed to operate on anyone, regardless of their skills and brains and talent and genius. When the “unspoken rule” is that no matter how sick you feel, you’re supposed to “push through” it and keep on doing your job when your job is literally holding the lives of people in your hands, that is so irresponsible. The residents were even betting on who could hold out on going home sick the longest, with the loser becoming the “swap monkey,” where they have to swap any case or patient when the other residents ask with no exceptions. This is just dangerous.

When residents are operating while nursing an IV of liquids and throwing up in their mouths over an open body, that’s dangerous. But still, Murphy was mocked for leaving the OR after puking in her mouth. When doctors are forced to operate on someone’s brain while half asleep and on the cusp of fainting, that’s dangerous. But still, Derek was encouraged to do it anyway (he literally ended up in a hospital bed minutes later and Meredith had to do his big speech for him). When doctors have a “special power” and know they’re coming down with a debilitating sickness yet still operate, that’s dangerous. And yet Arizona happily went on with her day, handling patients and operations like normal.

The only one with the common sense to stay away from patients when he felt like he was coming down with a sickness and to refuse to let other sick people around recovering babies was Shane, and yet he was mocked for doing so. What is so wrong about caring about the health of your patients? Isn’t that what doctors are supposed to do? Let’s get real, after watching “You Be Illin'” no one would want to have any surgeries done at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. These doctors are irresponsible, careless, dangerous and competitive in the wrong ways.

Would you want these doctors treating you while half asleep, fainting, coughing, puking in their mouths, etc.? Doubt it.
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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum