ellen pompeo greys anatomy 320 'Grey's Anatomy': Season finale smackdownThe regular TV season has
come to a close and while some finales have got us talking more than
others (like that heartbreaking and awesome “House” ep), we still have a lot to
say, so this week, we’ve selected a
few series and will compare their 2010 season ender to their 2009
season ender

We’ll tell you which hour we feel was
better, but we’ll also have you vote on which one you think was

So, without further ado, “Grey’s Anatomy”

“Here’s To Future Days”/”Now or Never” (2009): Bailey got the pediatrics fellowship, but her husband told her if she accepted it, he would leave her. Bailey asked Richard if there were still spots in general surgery — she left her husband, but was unsure if she could handle the new fellowship while dealing with the dissolution of her marriage.

Derek and Meredith were inspired by Alex and Izzie and decided to get married at City
Hall, but work got in the way. Instead, they wrote their vows on
Post-Its and declared themselves married.

Owen finally told his mother he was home from war and that helped him deal with some of his demons. He asked Cristina if she could give them a chance as a couple and she told him she loved him.

Mark asked Lexie to move in with him, but she wasn’t ready. She turned him down, so he went looking for a house on his own.

Izzie was unsure whether to let Derek perform surgery to remove her
tumor. She decided against it, but Alex told her he wouldn’t let her refuse the surgery because she was impacting his life too. Izzie
agreed to have the surgery, but only if she could sign a DNR.

George, Owen and Callie worked on a patient who wanted to go back to Iraq with the Army. The
patient inspired George to enlist as a trauma surgeon. The other doctors freaked out when they learned of his plan because George in a war zone didn’t seem like the best idea. They agreed to stage an intervention after he finished his last surgery of the day.

The team worked on a John Doe who pushed a woman out of the way of an oncoming bus and got hit in her place and was then dragged for half a mile. He was a mangled mess, but survived the first surgery. The woman he saved was convinced that he was her knight in shining armor.

Izzie survived the surgery, but lost her short-term memory. Alex was relentless in trying to help her remember, until he snapped and expressed his frustrations towards her. She, of course, remembered that and relayed her dismay at Alex to Cristina, who realized Izzie had retained the memory. Cristina told Alex, who rushed back to Izzie, only to have her flatline in his arms.

John Doe wrote “007” on Meredith’s hand right before his second surgery and she realized he was George. She alerted everyone and they rushed him to surgery and tried to reassure him everything was going to be okay.

Alex begged Richard to ignore Izzie’s DNR and they worked to revive her. We saw Izzie’s spirit — all decked out in the dress she wore the night Denny died — getting on the elevator and when the door opened she saw George, dressed in his Army uniform, waiting for her to go into the light. 

“Sanctuary”/”Death and All His Friends” (2010): Angry over his wife’s death, Gary Clark came to the hospital intent on killing Derek, whom he felt was to blame. Upset when he couldn’t find him, Gary shot Reed and Alex, who dragged himself into an elevator.

The hospital was put on lockdown and Derek told Meredith — who had just discovered she was pregnant — and Cristina to stay in a supply closet. Callie and Arizona were stuck in the Pediatric wing. Teddy, Owen and Jackson were trapped in an OR. Lexie and Mark found Alex and struggled to save him with limited supplies.

Bailey and Percy were with a patient when Gary came into the room. The patient played dead, Bailey hid, but Percy was found and shot. Gary found Bailey too, but didn’t shoot her when she claimed she was a nurse.

Meredith found out Gary was looking for Derek and rushed to find him, but Gary found Derek first. Derek managed to almost talk him out of his revenge plans, however April showed up, freaked out, and Gary went ahead and shot Derek.

Lexie was looking for supplies they needed to work on Alex and ran into Gary, who also blamed her for his wife’s death. SWAT shot Gary before he could harm her, but Gary got away. Teddy and Owen got their patient out of the hospital, but Owen went back in for Cristina. Bailey and her patient dragged Percy to the elevators to get help, but they were turned off. They could do nothing but sit with him as he slowly died.

Meredith and Cristina got Derek to an OR and Cristina operated on him, making Meredith promise that she would not observe the procedure. Owen arrived at the OR, said he would go in to assist Cristina and reiterated to Meredith that she shouldn’t watch. She went into the room anyway and told Gary to kill her so he could have his revenge. Cristina told Gary Meredith was pregnant, which gave Owen time to try and intervene, but Owen got shot.

Jackson told Cristina to stop working and Meredith was hysterical as Derek flatlined. Gary left once he was satisfied that Derek was dead, and Jackson reattached the monitors — it was just a trick. Cristina told Meredith to go help Owen and she would take care of Derek. While Meredith helped Owen, she suffered a miscarriage.

Richard, who snuck into the hospital, found Gary and apparently talked Gary into suicide. Callie and Arizona decided to give their relationship another chance. Cristina saved Derek and Meredith threw her positive pregnancy test in the garbage.

Our pick: “Here’s To Future Days”/”Now or Never.” Man, Shonda Rhimes really knows how to tear out our hearts with her finales, huh? Both years were intense, featured character deaths and lots of trauma and heartbreak. And while the carnage was much higher with this year’s finale, we have to go with the 2009 hours.

Yes, we knew there was a good chance T.R. Knight wouldn’t be returning to the show the following year, but we figured he’d be killed off or seriously injured while overseas. And since George had been grossly underused for most of the season, we didn’t even really realize that he was missing. But the second John Doe wrote out “007” on Meredith’s hand, we felt a punch to the gut. This wasn’t some nameless, faceless guy — this was George. Love him or hate him, we had watched him for five seasons and, all of a sudden, he was the hopeless case the doctors had been working on.

We felt the devastation that Meredith experienced when she realized what George was trying to tell her. And since Katherine Heigl’s status was up in the air at the time as well, the thought that we might lose Izzie as well was almost too much. Traumatic for the viewer, but in a good way.

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