Thursday’s (Oct. 21) episode will be a big one for the residents of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The chief is letting them act as attending surgeons for the day while the senior surgeons get to compete for a million-dollar grant.
And while it’s a big episode for the cast, it’s also a big one for Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey, because she directed the episode. Zap2it caught up with Wilson after her appearance on The KTLA News Morning Show and she told us how she manages wearing all those hats.
“I’m also acting in the episode, so that’s a little schizophrenic,” she tells us. “The directing part of it to me feels like putting puzzle pieces together. I just have to make sure to provide all the pieces.”
This will be the third episode Wilson has been able to direct, which she considers a perk of the job. Of course, there are other perks that keep her coming back every season.
“This kind of thing that happens with ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ does not happen all the time,” she says. “So, I’m at all times aware of how amazing it is and how special it is and how rare it is. So, I’m willing to ride the ride, because at some point it’s going to be done.”

The funny part is that she had no idea last season’s bloody finale could have ended the ride for her. “It wasn’t until after the fact that I found out that [creator and executive producer] Shonda Rhimes had originally intended for Bailey to be one of the characters to be shot,” she says. “I was like, ‘What! What are you saying?’ But, she just couldn’t do it, so I appreciated that.”
Thankfully for her fans, Bailey survived. The finale, though, did leave some scars and we’ve been watching her this season deal with the healing (including breaking up with the hot anesthesiologist played by Jason George, who is now starring in Rhimes’ new show, “Off the Map”).

“When you’re dealing with traumas,” Wilson says of her character’s post-finale decisions. “Sometimes you just can’t take in anything else on the periphery. You do your job and you have to take care of your kid. That’s about all you have the capacity to do until you find your joy again.”
If you missed Chandra Wilson on KTLA, watch the interview below:


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