greys anatomy kevin mckidd drama owen cristina 320 'Grey's Anatomy's' Kevin McKidd sees 'bumps in the road' for Cristina and Owen

Cristina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) seems to have kicked her phobia of surgery after last season’s bloody finale on “Grey’s Anatomy.”  
But, Kevin McKidd (who plays Owen Hunt) says he’s cautious about being glad that’s all over with.
“I think Owen’s had to be the shoulder to cry on and be the rock for Cristina,” McKidd tells Zap2it. “He was very flaky last year in Season 6 and he was obviously completely troubled and messed up in Season 5. So, it’s sort of his turn to be really be there for her and I think he’s done that. And he hasn’t done that perfectly, because he was human, but he really tried to give her the space she needs and the support she needs.”
Of course, now that the post-traumatic stress has been dealt with, “Grey’s” fans know better than to expect smooth sailing ahead for the couple. And McKidd says we’d be right.
“Now that she’s healed again,” he says. “I think inevitably because it’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ they can’t all be happy for too long, because angst is what gives Cristina and Owen’s relationship its juice and gives them power. So, I think there’s still some bumps in the road to come for Owen and Cristina and I’m interested to see how that plays out.”
Any predictions on what those bumps could be, Zappers? 
Posted by:Jethro Nededog