The source material for NBC’s new drama “Grimm” dates back a couple hundred years. The show itself has been cooking for a while too.

Executive producer Sean Hayes tells Zap2it that he and producing partner Todd Milliner have been kicking around the idea for a show based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales for seven years. It came to fruition this pilot season after they collaborated with writers Jim Kouf (“National Treasure”) and David Greenwalt (“Angel,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), “and then here we are,” the former “Will & Grace” star says in the video above. “It turned out amazing.”

“Grimm” is one of two new shows (ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” is the other) that use fairy-tale characters to tell their stories, and Hayes isn’t sure why that is. “In my experience … when one thing is in the zeitgeist, all the sudden there are 50 things. It’s unexplainable.”

Despite the fairy-tale hook, though, “Once Upon a Time” and “Grimm” are pretty different shows. Hayes explains that “Grimm” is basically a cop show: “We’re saying the Brothers Grimm are profilers, and they wrote these stories down to warn us about things that are going to happen in a cryptic form. So our lead [David Giuntoli] is a descendent of the Grimm family and is going to solve all these crimes of the week based on these fairy tales.”

Hit play up above for more from Hayes on the genesis of “Grimm” and how the crime and fairy-tale stories intertwine. The show will air at 9 p.m. ET Fridays in the fall.

Posted by:Rick Porter