“Grimm” ended with some pretty big cliffhangers in its Season 3 finale, which means showrunners Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt have plenty of content that’s ripe for exploration in Season 4. From Adalind’s journey back to Europe to Renard’s potentially fatal gunshot wounds to Nick losing his powers, there are plenty of big “Grimm” plotlines that need resolutions.
Fortunately, Zap2it got some teases of those resolutions for you. We spoke with Kouf about the finale and his plans for Season 4, and one thing’s for sure: Plenty of drama lies ahead.
Zap2it: Did you always know that you wanted to give Nick a chance for a normal life during the course of this series?
Jim Kouf: It’s always been one of the things we wanted to explore. We just didn’t know when we wanted to explore it. But now we’ve written ourselves into a giant corner and I guess we have to explore it.
Will the strain this change puts on Juliette and Nick’s relationship be something you will explore?
We have to deal with all the aftermath. We’ll be picking it up right where we left off. We want to take this chance to explore what would life be like after having these Grimm powers to mess everything up. They were kind of happy before Nick started all this business.
I mean, Nick proposed back then. One thing I talked about with the cast is if anyone was surprised Rosalee and Monroe got married before Nick and Juliette did.
Well, Monroe and Rosalee haven’t quite had the ups and downs that Nick has with Juliette. [laughs] There’s some wild stuff to come soon.
Let’s talk about Adalind. Is it inevitable at this point that she will find out Viktor doesn’t have her baby, and that Nick’s mother and Nick and Renard actually took Diana?
Everybody’s still looking for that baby, so everybody’s still in play. Viktor wants to know where the baby is, Adalind wants to know where the baby is, and the Resistance wants to know where the baby is. There’s still a lot of attention on the child.
Does the Resistance not know that Kelly took the baby?
No, the Resistance does not know. Remember, once she got on that plane, all plans went away because the whole plan was compromised. So once she told the pilots to go to Portland, all bets were off as far as she was concerned.
Are we going to get to meet some more people in the Resistance? Will that be a bigger part of the show in Season 4?
We’ll still bring back Meisner and maybe Tavitian. We want to play some of them. Obviously we have a lot of characters to deal with in 42 minutes of broadcast time. It’s not like we can launch a whole other story with other characters completely. But there’s still a role to be played by the resistance.
Can we assume we’ll see more of Trubel in Season 4?
Oh yeah. She’s become kind of a very integral part to Nick’s life at the moment because she’s the only one with the Grimm powers.
Is there a chance we can see Jacqueline Toboni be a regular recurring character, or even a series regular? Or does her storyline have a set ending?
We don’t have a set storyline for her. We’ll see how she works out and how she’s needed and how the fans respond. We love her, so we’ll keep her for as long as we can.
Is there anything else you’ve cued up for Season 4 that you’re really excited to explore?
The other thing that we cued up besides whether the Captain lives or dies — I think that’s dependent on his contract negotiations — but Wu. We’ve reawakened that nasty memory for Wu, so that’s got to be dealt with.
Is there a plan to bring Wu more into the Scooby Squad?
To tell you the truth, we hadn’t planned on Wu discovering the books until we wrote the episode. It just happened naturally, because once the Captain was shot and Weston came in to try to kill Trubel, the evidence led him into the room which allowed him to see the books. We didn’t know until we wrote it. Sometimes we discover that the characters speed things up for us whether we want them to or not. You just have to deal with it. 
It’s doubtful he’ll be happy to find out he was lied to.
It’s fun stuff to write. We want to explore that stuff. You can’t keep everybody on completely friendly terms all the time, otherwise things just stagnate.
Speaking of conflict, can Rosalee and Monroe have at least a bit of happily wedded bliss before they have to deal with any potential marriage problems?
I think they had like five or 10 seconds of bliss.
Well then maybe how about them as a couple being happy even if the situation around them isn’t happy?
This is what we’ll explore next year, is it’s tough to really celebrate when one of your best friends has been injured. There’s a lot of stuff emotionally for everybody to deal with. Like I said, the first episodes of next year will be dealing with all of the aftermath of what just happened. You can’t jump that one forward in time. You have to deal with all the stuff from that moment.
Are we going to see a different side of Nick’s personality now that he’s a normal person without these Grimm powers?
Oh yeah. It’s a big emotional and physical change for him. If you knew that you could see, in one sense, and now you no longer could; you know the world is different, but you can’t see it anymore, you feel locked out. It’s tough to deal with.
Can we also expect more of a climactic showdown between Juliette and Adalind the next time they inevitably see one another?
I don’t think it will be a like, dinner. [laughs
Juliette was surprisingly restrained last time.
I think given the situation where here’s a woman who had a baby and they’re about to steal her child, no matter what you’re going to have sympathy for that person. And Adalind had actually changed a little bit without realizing how valuable her child was to other factions. So she might have become a nice person had her baby not been stolen. [laughs]
Maybe not.
There are many layers to Adalind, and that one is very deep inside her.
[laughs] I think she might have.
Looking back at Season 3, what did you consider some of your biggest successes?
I think bringing Adalind back and having her child, having mom [Kelly] come back in and become an integral part of taking the baby, and one of our favorite episodes was the Aswang episode where Wu finally confronts the demon. We love the Trubel episodes, introducing this new Grimm who didn’t know she was a Grimm. That was fun to explore too. Someone who thought that they were crazy and they saw monsters and the monsters were real to her but nobody else.
One question that always gets brought up by fans is whether James Frain has a role on the show as Eric Renard if he can come back to it. Is the door open to him?
No, we haven’t left it open. You never know on these shows, so who knows. But we like Alexis [Denisof] a lot. We’ve got lots to do with him yet.
Hopefully we can see some more of Viktor acting opposite the main cast next season.
We want to bring him back face-to-face, whether it’s somebody goes there or he goes to Portland. Those are all possibilities we’re discussing.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz