“Grimm” returns in just a week, but don’t expect much time to have passed in the show since Season 2’s cliffhanger finale. In a first look at Season 3, the cast confirms that the new season picks up right from the reveal of zombie Nick.

“We start right where we left off with the zombies attacking our car,” Bree Turner says.

That doesn’t bode well for David Giuntoli‘s Nick, who is shown in a very angry zombie state for a good portion of the teaser video. “End of Season 2, my character Nick was abducted and turned into a zombie. I go kind of berserk,” Giuntoli says. That means fans will get to see a lot of “zombie Nick being mean and physically aggressive.”

It’s up to the “‘Grimm’ gang” to rescue Nick, but that’s not the only trouble they have to deal with. Adalind is doing her best to get her powers back, and there also is supposed to be another Grimm joining the cast.

At least there’s some good happening as well. The video teases Sergeant Wu might soon discover the magical world around him, and Reggie Lee says he hopes Wu has secretly been in the know all along. Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalie’s love story is said to be getting “hot and heavy.”

“Grimm” returns to NBC on Oct. 25 at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz