david guintoli grimm season 3 zombie 'Grimm' Season 3 teases: David Giuntoli on zombie Nick and James Frain being next season's Big Bad

“Grimm” might have ended on a massive cliffhanger in its Season 2 finale “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm,” but at least fans can expect the series to pick up from where it left off when it returns in the fall with Season 3. At least, that’s what series star David Giuntoli says to expect.

There are a lot of loose ends left to be resolved in the current storyline, and Giuntoli is as clueless as everyone else as to how they’ll all tie up next season. Still, he took the time to talk to Zap2it about what his Season 3 wishlist is, what he thinks of Nick’s newly open relationship with Juliette and who he would like to see as Season 3’s Big Bad.

Zap2it: When fans first heard that a character was going to die in the finale, I don’t think any of them expected it to be Nick.
David Giuntoli: I would agree. Yeah, that’s why I liked teasing it. It wasn’t a fib because I’m not quite dead, but I think my heart stopped so maybe technically I wasn’t lying.

Do you expect Season 3 to pick up right where Season 2 ended?
I would imagine so. I mean, I have to come back with the same haircut and the same exact weight just to make it seem like the three months hadn’t passed between the finale and the premiere. I would imagine it picks up right where we started. I have no idea, honestly, where this is going to go. I don’t know if it’s going to go to Europe — there’s been talk of that. I don’t know how I’m going to get saved. We know the process by which a zombie gets jolted back to life, and it takes the Scooby Gang to jab some needles into my stomach. I don’t know how they’re going to do that if I’m getting shipped off to Europe.

Do you think that the primary conflict early next season is just going to be about finding Nick since they already have the antidote for the zombies? How would you like to see the plot get more complicated than that, if at all?
I mean, I know that I’m probably going through the whole zombie thing where I go apesh** and get very violent. I can’t imagine I can get out of that on my own. What I’m really curious to see is whose side Captain Renard is going to fall on. I’m not fully sold that he’s just on the side of the Grimm, on the Scooby Gang side. I feel like his intentions are devious and I don’t trust the guy yet.

But he doesn’t quite trust Eric either. Do you think he would be so quick to turn on Nick when they’ve had this sort of alliance in the past few episodes?
Well, he tried to kill my aunt very recently, so I just don’t know where he always lands. Nick doesn’t trust him really. We all work together for the time being, but we’re not buds. We’re not like Monroe and Hank. He’s not part of the Scooby Gang, as far as I’m concerned.

This zombie twist could have some good consequences for you; you could get to spend the next episode or two lying in a coffin.
In a coma? That would be great. The only downside is I’ve seen the zombies freak out and they all lose their voice at the end of those scenes, and they all have to wear these eye-sized contact lenses. The contact lens is the size of a silver dollar and it’s not very comfortable to live in, but it would be nice to go dormant for an entire eight-day shoot.

Are you looking forward to getting to play the zombie side of Nick?
One of the great things about “Grimm,” and a lot of our guest stars have said this, is you come in and you get to do something that you’re never going to do again in your entire career. I’ve been blinded, I’ve fought blind — for one episode, I’m blind. I think that’s kind of rare. I’ve been under the spell of a muse so I was sexually just driven to kill for this woman a couple episodes back. It is fun as an actor to get to kind of do these very out there momentary roles. … I’m definitely looking forward to playing a zombie for a little while an seeing where this storyline takes us.

Beyond just this big cliffhanger, there were a lot of storylines left up in the air at the end of Season 2. Do you think that Eric is going to end up being the Big Bad in Season 3 since James Frain has done such a good job with him so far?
Oh, I can imagine that. We love James and the work he does on the show. We would be all very happy if he was the Big Bad for Season 3.

Do you think that the zombie storyline will take more than just an episode or two to be wrapped up at the beginning of the season?
I would certainly think that the zombie story arc will go on for more than two episodes. I know that we would love to have Reg E. Cathey, who plays the Cracher-Mortel, for as long as we can. I think the zombie storyline won’t go on for the entire next season, but we can expect it to last for a while. We have some great actors involved in this storyline, so it would be a shame to have them go so soon.

It also must be exciting for you that Juliette finally has knowledge of the Wesen world. Was that a nice change for you?
Yeah, I’m kind of shocked that she took it so well. She’s been through so much and kind of at my doing. I sort of put her through all these horrible things because I just didn’t want to tell her because I thought she might leave me. It was a pretty weak move on Nick’s part to not tell her, and the fact that she’s so willing to stand by my side was shocking. I am always thrilled to get to work with Bitsie Tulloch. I think every character gets elevated once they’re kind of in the know.

We’ve already seen a completely different side of her. Do you think she’s going to get completely in on the Wesen action like Monroe and Rosalee?
I would hope so. She deserves it. I mean, she’s had some very difficult things to play throughout the last couple seasons and I think it’s more rewarding as an actor to kind of get to be part of it and become a far more active member of the crime fighting team. She’s a veterinarian after all; how perfect does that fit into her storyline?

Has Bitsie been itching to get involved in some of the stunt-driven action in the show?
I’m sure. She would work two days an episode, which is actually kind of lovely, but I think we can see Bitsie’s schedule getting a little more filled next season.

Bree Turner recently said she is excited for some Juliette and Rosalee girl power next season.
That’s true. Yes, some girl power. Some sexy girl power — of course I had to make it sexy girl power. It couldn’t just be girl power. … They pillow fight Wesen. It’s what the fans want.

Speaking of what the fans want, I got to interview Reggie Lee recently and we started talking about what would happen if Sergeant Wu ever found out about the Wesen world. Do you think it’s inevitable, since he’s sort of the last one to know?
I don’t know how long they’re going to keep him in the dark. I mean, it’s only him, isn’t it? Listen, I don’t know how long he’s going to be in the dark. I think there’s something fun about keeping someone in the dark, especially Wu because he’s so good with what he does. But I will say I cannot wait to see the moment where he finds out. He’s such a fantastic actor and I know it’s going to be so understated and filled with personality. That guy, he makes it look easy. I mean, he is a wonderful actor, so I can’t wait to see that moment. It’s going to be brilliant.

Looking back at Season 2, what was your favorite storyline to get to be a part of?
Boy. What was my favorite storyline? I really liked the muse episode because I got to be something so different for that, but my favorite storyline would be moving into Monroe’s attic. I thought it was such a cool dynamic and I walk in a few times when I shouldn’t and it kind of underscores our relationship that he’d give me his attic. Our grandparents were beheading each other, and now we’re cool. I really enjoyed the Monroe and Nick in the attic storyline. It’s my favorite.

In terms of the overarching storylines that have developed in Seasons 1 and 2, what would you like to see touched on in Season 3?
I would love to go to Europe and see what happens over there. I mean, there’s been talk of possibly going over there. I would love to finally see what the key holds, what it leads to. I would love to resolve that. I would love to have my mom back in the mix. I would also just love to see, as we said, I would love to see Wu find out about everything. I would love the precinct to become this underground, crime-fighting cops-during-the-day, evil-crime-fighters-at-night kind of thing.

So how can you top this Season 2 finale going forward?
I don’t know. We just raise the stakes constantly. I have no idea how we can. The thing about “Grimm,” it’s one of those shows where rules get written as the seasons go on, so it’s very hard for me to even speculate as to how we can top Season 2, but that’s kind of the joy about “Grimm.” All you have to do is read about it in a book and it could come true.

“Grimm” returns on NBC in the fall on Fridays at 9 p.m.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz