“Grimm” is ready to start shooting Season 4, and executive producer David Greenwalt is the man with the plan for the NBC series. 
Zap2it sat down with Greenwalt at the 2014 summer TV press tour, where he spilled on everything from where Season 4 picks up to when “Grimm” will get to the Black Forest. “Grimm” Season 4 premieres on Oct. 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Season 4 picks up “one minute after” the Season 3 finale. Nick (David Giuntoli) is going through an identity-crisis now that his Grimm powers have been taken from him. “If they could cure him and if he could submit to that process, which is going to be horrible — or at least shocking — does he want to be a Grimm again?” Greenwalt says. “This will go on longer than the zombie thing [at the end of Season 2], but not just interminably. Long enough to really mine the issues around it.”

“Identity” is a big focus of the beginning of the season. “We’re going to deal with identity,” Greenwalt teases, saying that there will be a new identity-stealing Wesen for episodes 1 and 2 of Season 4. “All kinds of people’s” identities will be stolen by a Wesen who is “really frightening and very cool; almost a James Bond kind of thing going on there.”
Trubel is sticking around for a while. Greenwalt says he and EP Jim Kouf don’t know exactly how long Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) will remain on “Grimm,” but that she at least will be in “the first several.” “That’s a thing that’s going to have to organically reveal itself,” Greenwalt says.
Adalind (Claire Coffee) is going to “go through Hell” in Europe. But that’s not the last fans will see of her. “Eventually she will rise from the ashes like you’ve never seen her before,” teases Greenwalt. “I just adore her.”
Sergeant Wu might come to terms with the Grimm world in Season 4. “We cannot keep him in the dark forever and ever,” says Greenwalt about Reggie Lee’s character. The EP says that Wu’s storyline might revisit the Aswang as “he begins to understand, or think he understands, what’s going on.”
Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) might get their honeymoon. “They’re going to try not to be resentful [that their wedding was ruined] because they need to help Nick,” Greenwalt teases, “but their friends are going to maybe put on a little honeymoon for them. There might be something that happens like that. They’re not going to go to Fiji.” However, a “very frightening terrible threat that has to be dealt with” is going to come into Rosalee and Monroe’s lives.
Season 4 will have a couple Hank-centric stories. That includes a love interest for Russell Hornsby’s character. “I would like to bring back one of [his former loves] and do a story about that at some point,” says Greenwalt. “Maybe rekindle something.” There also will be a “Tuesdays With Morrie” Hank episode.
“Grimm” will have more weird Wesen. In “Grimm’s” special way, a Wesen will end up being the explanation for why some people hear voices and think they are losing their minds, thinking they are schizophrenic. There also will be Wesen inspired by golem from Jewish folklore and some human sacrifice out of Indian tales. Then there’s Season 4’s Christmas episode, which will be inspired by a Greek myth about the holiday.
There will be another key found in Season 4. There’s only one key left to find, and Greenwalt believes it will happen in Season 4. Which means …
Season 5 will answer the mystery of the keys. “We will find out what those keys unlock and what that thing or things are,” he says. Greenwalt also wants to shoot the Black Forest scenes in Europe, if it’s feasible with the budget in Season 5. “We’re not going to not tell people and not show that and not do that. We’re definitely going to do that,” he says.
Whatever comes after Season 5 will be a reinvention for “Grimm.” “We could certainly go to [Season] 7, or even 8,” Greenwalt says of the show’s series plan. “We have no idea after 5, and then we might really start mixing it up. Like, maybe Nick won’t be a cop anymore. He might be something else. Maybe Trubel has her own show in New York or Philadelphia.”
Posted by:Terri Schwartz