“Grimm” stars David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby are very enthusiastic about their show, currently coming to the end of its Season 3 on NBC. When Zap2it caught up with the two actors during the NBC upfronts presentation in New York on Monday (May 12), they were excited to share their hopes for the future of “Grimm.”

What does Giuntoli want to see more of in the next season?

“I love when we get into a little less case-of-the-week, a little more mythology,” he says. “I absolutely love it when we do that. So hopefully we can do more dealing with the mythology in Europe. You know, our viewers want to see what’s going on with the Royals, the keys — I think if we go down that path, it’s going to be just fine. But I trust our writers to make the right decision.”

When asked about any specific hopes for the upcoming Season 4, it turns out that Giuntoli and Hornsby agree on some rather out-of-the-box ideas (which may or may not be serious).

“I really love the idea of getting the seven keys,” Giuntoli says of the plot he wants to explore. “Each key has a piece of the map on it that leads us to something that is big enough to kill somebody over. It could start this huge Royal-wesen war. So I would love to see that.”

Warming to the idea of warm and treasure hunts, Giuntoli gets an idea. “Indiana Jones! I love that part of storytelling,” he says. Hornsby joins in the brainstorming immediately. “Yeah, I love that idea. The Indiana Jones being part of there,” he agrees.

But Hornsby also has a concern: “Would I be Short Round or something?” Giuntoli is quick to reassure his co-star that he would have a bigger part in any Indiana Jones-style adventures. “No man!” he exclaims. “You’d be the girl who’s afraid of the snakes. ‘Ooh! Indy!'”

Someone should probably tell Giuntoli that it was Indiana Jones who was afraid of the snakes.

“Grimm” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown