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Sometimes, it is difficult to dress your age. Toddlers clunking around in their mom’s heels can be adorable until they become 7-year-olds in slinky tops.
Dressing up — or older than your age — looks sexually precocious, even if the child isn’t. And dressing down — younger than your age — can look ridiculous.
Finding that balance is hard as Joyce Fisher (Jenna Elfman), the mom on the NBC Tuesday comedy “Growing Up Fisher” proves. 
She’s 42 and going through a midlife crisis. Joyce got pregnant on her second date with Mel (J.K. Simmons) and married young. Though she loves her blind husband, she needs to be on her own, so she is getting a divorce.

“She’s got 20 years to live,” Elfman tells Zap2it. “She has a lot of experiences to make up.”
And as she tries to find herself, she changes her look.

“Not to be goofy, but we are kind of growing up with her,” costume designer Mary Kate Killilea says. “One of the things about Joyce that intrigues me is her being married as a young person, immediately having a child to a blind man who has never seen her. She is a beautiful woman and how that has affected her outward person. At this point in her life she wants to be seen after not being seen ever as a woman.”
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Joyce isn’t sure how to dress or act, so she looks to daughter Katie (Ava Deluca-Verley) for guidance. “She really thinks her daughter should be stoked that they are doing this together,” Killilea says. “Katie knows this is a little odd. She lets her mother believe she is on board with this fake partnership.”
Joyce’s pink sweater is Chloe, and the top is Nordstrom’s Brass Plum. She also wears J Brand jeans.
Killilea mixes expensive and discount items, such as the Helmut Lang leather pants and Topshop blouse.
“It was her first day going to college, to fit in with the young kids,” Killilea says. “I didn’t want her to be somebody everyone stared at. It is a little bit on the line of the verge of being too young for her.”
Joyce dressing younger was written into the pilot when she took her daughter shopping and they exit the dressing room, rocking the same pink pants. “And the one paying for your stuff wins,” Killilea says.
Still, Joyce doesn’t go completely overboard. “It is not over the top, but she is colorful, and she wants to be seen,” the costumer says.
Though Joyce is casting about on age-appropriate dressing, she at least has her accessories down.
“Her jewelry is probably the most tasteful, modern part of her look,” Killilea says. “A lot of the artists I have found around L.A., Katie Dean Jewelry, she probably has something of hers on every day. Bloodline did some special bracelets for me.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler