guy fieri vegas kitchen and bar menu Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Grill menu has food ridiculously named for everyoneFans of Guy Fieri’s bleach-blond hair, wraparound sunglasses, straight-out-of-a-Smashmouth video look and pumped-up Food Network personality will be happy to learn that the “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” host’s latest restaurant, Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Grill, is replete with a New York Times pan-worthy menu with ridiculously named items.

Want some “wow-sabi” sauce? How about “blue-sabi” sauce? What about some onion ring dipping sauce that will take your dish “straight to the bank”? There’s also “Guy’s dragon breath chili” with its “vast dimensions of flavor,” a gnarly Greek salad (*Toga not included), a burger that will “leave you in a food coma,” an “awesome pretzel bun” (that one was already in quotes, so who knows if it’s actually a pretzel bun!) and, of course, some good ol’ donkey sauce.

Check out the full menu on Eater. If you want a fun drinking game, why not take a sip every time you read a completely non-food-related adjective describing the dish? (Use something non-alcoholic. It’s for your own health.)

Hopefully whatever Las Vegas paper of record that decides to review the Vegas Kitchen & Bar has a better time than the NY Times reviewer did at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square.

Posted by:Jean Bentley