guy fieri guys grocery games newscom food network 325 'Guy's Grocery Games' Guy Fieri outlasts scathing New York Times reviewZap2it: How many restaurants do you have?

Guy Fieri: It feels like 4,000. I have eight in California, my big one here in New York, one opening in Vegas on the Strip and burger joints on six cruise ships and GFOC (Guy Fieri on Campus) at Montclair State.

Zap2it: What are you munching on right now?

Guy Fieri: Carrots. I love carrots and celery, ever since I was a kid. I didn’t grow up in a house with snacks. No chips, no little snacks — [that] just wasn’t how I was raised, so a carrot to me is an awesome go-to snack.

Zap2it: On the new show, the chefs are let loose in a market and timed. Do they get a feel for the store first?

Zap2it: Before the show, they get toured around. They show them what the store is like. It is a real grocery store shot in L.A. in the valley, almost a boutique grocery store because there is such a wide variety of ingredients.

Zap2it: When your restaurant opened in Times Square, it was the subject of one the most excoriating reviews. What was your reaction to it?

Guy Fieri: I take it with a grain of salt. The way I look at it, there is always going to be someone criticizing someone. Here we are a year later, I couldn’t be prouder. It is a big adventure to take on New York City, and we are continuing to get ready to go into Vegas. You pick yourself up and keep moving and worry about the comments and critiques and take those into consideration.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler