gwyneth paltrow abs are better than madonnas gi Gwyneth Paltrow considers texting Madonna to say 'my abs are better'

Gwyneth Paltrow is super into her healthy lifestyle. In fact, she’s so into her specialized diet that her kids are often hungry because they can’t have nasty carbs, and her workout regimen has given her a derriere she says could compete with the booties of far younger strippers.
Another benefit of her healthy regimen is a great set of abs, which rival those of her former bestie, Madonna. ITN asks Paltrow if she would ever call up the “Girl Gone Wild” singer to let her know who has the superior six-pack. Gwyneth says, no … but she just might text her instead.
“Why rub it in? Let’s face it,” jokes Paltrow. “I’ll polaroid my abs and text them to her.”
One beauty routine Paltrow is not proud of is going to bed with her makeup on when she’s extra tipsy. It’s part of a wilder private side that Gwyneth says is often concealed by her public healthy lifestyle image. “I’m very about balance in both,” she says. “Always do a little of the bad stuff while you’re trying to be good.”

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