gwyneth parody Gwyneth Paltrow, cookbook author, gets parodied and pretty much skeweredGwyneth Paltrow is, as we know, multi-talented to the point of annoyance. And having the temerity to keep acting/singing/cooking/newsletter-ing and generally being a super-hot polymath does open one up to criticism.

One of her latest ventures is the cookbook/memoir “My Father’s Daughter,” in which Paltrow dishes about her relationship with food and shares her kitchen magic — to the tune of 150 recipes that we’re so sure she’s tried out on Chris Martin, Jay-Z, Madonna and all her other high-wattage friends and family.

But its also excellent parody fodder and so we applaud EvilMediaEmpire for doing such a kick-butt job in creating this dramatic reading from “My Father’s Daughter.”

Best line (add the overdramatic French-accented reading in your heads): “I basically love anything that comes in a hot dog bun. Except hot dogs.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson