Someone better cover Chris Martin‘s eyes.

Gwyneth Paltrow, the Coldplay frontman’s wife and Ms. GOOP herself, appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” in the UK on Friday night (April 19) and exhibited a bit of wild behavior. Let’s not mince words — she grabbed a dude’s junk.

As a fellow guest, comedian Lee Mack, was describing how a doctor discovered that one of his legs was noticeably longer than the other, he asked Paltrow to feel both of his knees to measure the difference. She did and was shocked, earning plenty of laughs from the audience.

Mack continued, saying that his testicles mirrored his legs, thought it was unclear whether he was joking or not. Paltrow must’ve wanted to play amateur sleuth because she jumped right back up and put her hands in Mack’s crotch, with the crowd going wild.

Watch the clip above to see if she was able to confirm Mack’s story.

Posted by:Billy Nilles