glee will emma gwyn Gwyneth Paltrow on 'Glee': Are Will and Emma ever going to happen?Like most of you, when rumors of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s first appearance on “Glee” spread, we were skeptical. Could the GOOP girl really fit in on a show about underdogs?

By the time her first episode was over, though, we were sold. When we heard she was returning, we couldn’t have been happier, which is saying something, because we’re generally on the “less guest stars, more character development” side of the “Glee” complaint line.

Holly Holiday’s appearance in Tuesday’s episode, “Sexy,” however, definitely led to more development for our favorite cast regulars.

Not only did she inspire Santana to be honest about her feelings for Brittany (more on that here), but she also conducted a bit of a couples’ therapy session for Emma (Jayma Mays) and Carl, who we will henceforth refer to only as John Stamos, because he just doesn’t look like a “Carl.”

Upon discovering that despite being married to John Stamos, Emma is still a card-carrying virgin and the head of the school celibacy club, Holly looks incredulous. Yes, she’s a 30-year-old virgin who has been married for four months. Sucks to be John Stamos.

Finally, Holly asks Emma the question on all of our minds: “”Are you still in love with Will Schuester?”


“I feel very confused about my feelings,” Emma admits.

John Stamos takes it all pretty well. “You and your feelings can stay at the condo and I’ll be at the Radisson,” he says. Ouch?

We thought that this revelation might make Holly distance herself from Will (Matthew Morrison) even further, because really, who wants to stand in the way of epic, homewrecking love? Since Holly is “damaged goods” — which according to her makes her terrific in bed — she takes the opposite stance.

“Seeing another woman with the hots for you kinda made me jealous,” she admits to Will. Now that she’s been booted from McKinley High for her inappropriate cucumber demonstrations in sex ed — ew — she and Will don’t have all those co-worker boundaries to worry about.

So now that Emma and John Stamos are separated, Schue… hooks up with Holly? Will the Will/Emma shippers ever catch a break?

Weigh in below, in the comments section, with your thoughts. Do you like Paltrow and hope she sticks around? Do you want Emma and Stamos to work things out? Do you predict a Will/Emma hookup this season?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie