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Gwyneth Paltrow is still out there promoting “Iron Man 3.” She sat down with Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Radio Show Thursday (May 9) to talk about a lot of things, including the recent headlines her name has popped up in.
Gwyneth kicked off interview, which took place over dinner, letting the hosts know she wasn’t exactly sober. “I am drunk already.” she says, “A martini went straight to my head, and now wine. With no food. So just watch out.”
The liquid courage helped the conversation flow as Gwyneth tackled a few hot button topics. When asked about her recent comments on the Met Gala (Gwyneth says she’ll never go again), Paltrow reiterated her stance that she didn’t have any fun, saying, “”It seems like it’s the best thing in the world, you always think, ‘Oh my god, it’s gonna be so glamorous and amazing and you’re going to see all these people’ and then you get there and it’s so hot and it’s so crowded and everyone’s pushing you.”
Gwyneth was also there to witness Kanye West serenading his baby mama, Kim Kardashian. It turns out the moment wasn’t quite as special as Kimye would like the world to believe. According to Paltrow, “Kanye West was playing and he was furious and he threw his microphone down. It was all drama!” Good work, Kanye.
The actress also talked about saying she was humiliated by her “Iron Man 3” premiere dress. The dress was fairly revealing below the waist, and Gwyneth confided in Ellen Degeneres, and her worldwide audience, that she works “a 70s vibe, you know what I mean.” Said vibe sent her prep team in search of a razor before putting her in the dress.
Since no one asked, Paltrow was nice enough to elaborate, telling the Austrailian radio show that she was kidding with Ellen. However, it’s unclear how much of it was a joke, as she adds, “But then it was all a disaster and now I look like an 8-year-old girl, basically.”
Finally, Paltrow talked about bikini waxes, because why wouldn’t she? Gwyneth says that when she gets them, a friend must tag along. Her companion is a little surprising though, as Gwyneth says, “Every time I have a bikini wax, Cameron Diaz holds me down.”
You can listen to the whole interview on the show’s official website, but as a warning the language is NSFW.
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