gwyneth paltrow adultery sex addiction Gwyneth Paltrow on whether she could be with a cheater or sex addict

Gwyneth Paltrow tackles the touchy subject of sex addiction in her new romantic comedy “Thanks for Sharing,” but she tries not to let it be an illicit subject in her life. In a new interview, she opens up about how she would deal with being in a relationship with a sex addict.

“I’m an extremely open-minded person, so I think if it was something I knew I was getting myself into, I wouldn’t let it deter me from exploring the relationship,” she tells Refinery 29. “I think it would be hard for me to be one of those wives who finds out there’s been something going on behind my back twenty years in. I’d imagine you’d begin to question your life. It would definitely make things harder, but I believe that if there’s authenticity and honesty right off the bat, things will be okay.”

As for how dealing with adultery would affect her, Paltrow tries to again be open minded. Neither she nor Chris Martin have had to deal with that situation yet, but she says she would try to be forgiving.

“I think that if the idea of being committed to someone is important to you, you begin to value certain parts of your social life over another,” she says. “No couple is the same, and as such, every couple takes on different challenges. I would like to think that I would be forgiving and/or forgiven, but I can’t give an honest answer as I haven’t really experienced that.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz