gwyneth paltrow met gala goop gi Gwyneth Paltrow praises the Met Gala on Goop after bashing it

Who knows which Gwyneth Paltrow you’re talking to at any given moment? One thing’s for sure, she seems to be changing her tune about the Met Gala pretty quickly. After bashing the event in some interviews, saying she would never go again, Paltrow now has nice things to say about the gala.
In an article on the Goop website, Gwyneth recalls the night, writing, “The Met Ball, at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, is always the year’s most elaborate display of incredible fashion and this year was no different.” She goes on to say how thrilled she was to see what Valentino’s designers came up with for her to wear.
Nowhere in her rundown does Gwyneth talk about the heat, how it was too crowded and all of the pushing and shoving that went on. She also didn’t break down Kanye West’s performance for Kim Kardashian, even though she already revealed that Kanye was furious and threw his microphone down.
Maybe it wasn’t all bad after all, as Gwyneth is able to look beyond all the negatives and point out some of her favorite looks of the night, including “The Great Gatsby” star Carey Mulligan. The theme of the Met Gala was “Punk: Chaos to Couture,” and while Paltrow was anything but punk in her pink dress, she also takes the time to give fashion advice to those who want to look the part, because when you think of Gwyneth Paltrow, punk rock is the first thing that comes to mind.

At the end of the day, whether she goes again or not, celebrities will continue to attend the Met Gala and most of them will never properly dress for the theme.
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