haley reinhart interview Haley Reinhart's 5 best 'American Idol' performancesNo, we’re still not over it.

Our little-contestant-that-could Haley Reinhart was eliminated from “American Idol” on Thursday, May 19, only one week away from the finale. Yes, we were devastated. Yes, we may have caused some property damage in our office. No, we’re not crazy. We think.

Here’s the thing: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are talented. Don’t get us wrong, those kids can sing, but don’t they make for a boring finale? They’re both country artists and they both play it safe. Always. We dare you to tell us one performance where either of those two chose a risky song or made daring changes to a song. See, you can’t.

Haley provides that edge, that unpredictability that we grew to love over the course of Season 10. This is a girl who busted out Led Zeppelin for Top 3 performance night. We were dying to see what she would pull out for the finale… alas, we will never learn what the growlin’ 20-year-old was planning. Tragic.

In honor of Reinhart’s insanely entertaining journey on “Idol” (and because we’ve been watching these videos all day anyway), we compiled a list of her Top 5 “American Idol” performances:

No. 5: Top 7 — “Rolling In The Deep”

A flawless song choice that really showcased Reinhart’s sultry tone, Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” was definitely a breakout moment for the singer. Also, she gets a gold star for that red dress. Perfect.

No. 4: Top 11 — “Benny and the Jets”

This was probably the first performance that really made us take notice of Reinhart in this competition. It was fun, yet hard-hitting and was probably the best performance of Top 11 Week (Part 2).

No. 3: Top 4 –“I (Who Have Nothing)”

Drama, drama, drama. That’s what Haley brought to the stage during her second Top 4 performance. Girlfriend was mad as hell and not going to take it anymore after the judges harshly criticized her performance of “Earth Song.” Was “Earth Song” earth-shattering? No, but you can’t tell us it was worse than anything the other three contestants put out.

No. 2: Top 3 — “What Is And What Should Never Be”

Let us just break this down real quick: She performed Led Zeppelin. On “American Idol.” Her dad provided back-up via guitar. She rocked an amazing black fringe dress. She tripped walking up the stairs and continued rocking the crap out of the song like nothing happened. Hands down, the best performance on Top 3 night.

No. 1: Top 5 — “House of the Rising Sun”

To quote Jennifer Lopez, Reinhart gave us a major case of the “goosies” with this performance, which we think is the best performance of the entire season. Sheryl Crow nailed it when she advised Reinhart to start off a cappella. Similar to No. 3, this was Reinhart’s second performance of Top 5 night after being criticized by the judges for her rendition of Lady Gaga’s “You and I”  where she came out and absolutely slayed it. We repeat: Slayed it.

(Side-note: We really wish we had room for “You and I” on this list because it was just plain awesome and we can’t stop listening to it on our iPods.)

Agree with our picks, Zappers? Or did we leave your favorite Haley Reinhart performance off the list? Hit us up in the comments with your favorite.

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