gabriel-aubry-halle-berry-nahla-daughter-pics-photo-fight-olivier-martinez-married.jpgGabriel Aubry got to spend some quality time with his daughter, Nahla, on Friday (Nov. 30), the day after he and Nahla’s mom, Halle Berry, called a legal ceasefire.

TMZ reports that Berry agreed to drop the restraining order against Aubry preventing him from seeing their 4-year-old. Berry and her fianc�, Olivier Martinez, sought the order following the Thanksgiving day brawl between Aubry and Martinez that resulted in Aubry being arrested and sent both men to the ER. Aubry subsequently took out a restraining order against Martinez as well.

But on Thursday, Berry’s and Aubry’s lawyers released a statement reading, “From all counsel, the parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter.”

No word on what exactly the “amicable agreement” was regarding — the custody dispute? The restraining orders? The fight?

At Friday’s meeting with his daughter, Gabriel was still wearing sunglasses to cover up his black eye. But from the looks of the pics of the two of them holding hands and smiling, Aubry and his daughter are just happy to be back together.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper