halt and catch fire finale 'Halt and Catch Fire' Season 1 finale: Did AMC's drama live up to its promise?AMC’s 1980s-set computer drama “Halt and Catch Fire” finished its first season Sunday night (Aug. 3) as Joe, Gordon, Cameron and Donna all got some closure to their stories.

The show debuted to not-so-strong ratings, and hasn’t made as much of a pop culture splash as the network’s other dramas. As the season wrapped up with episode 10, “1984,” Cameron and Donna turned out to be more visionary than their male counterparts at the early Internet company Mutiny, while Joe lights a truck of Cardiff Giants on fire and most of the storylines are wrapped up nicely.

What did you think of the finale? Do you want another season, or was there enough closure at the end of Season 1? Did “Halt and Catch Fire” live up to the potential of its premiere?

Posted by:Jean Bentley